Why did God give us free will?

I am not trying to blaspheme God in any way. I just want to know why God gave us free will. I read a post where a member interestingly asked what if there was a Catholic only society (no exceptions). This made me think. Some people would still choose to sin and be punished in that type of society. Which leads me to ask, why did God give us free will?

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To show us His love.

In Genesis, creation of humanity is an act of love, it come out of God’s love. And, we surmise from Genesis that God gave us free will to participate in a covenant with Him. In a covenant, like marriage, the people give themselves to one another as a willful action. So, we have free will to participate in an eternal covenant with God.

By submitting to God’s will, Adam and Eve had the promise of everlasting life. (We know what happened.) We, too, have the free will, the freedom TO participate in that covenant, in our case, the NEW covenant established by Christ.

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I’ve come to avoid speculative, “What If’s?” …

That said, the question doesn’t follow… yet it’s a excellent question:

Beasts? Would probably never come to the point where they would ever join in any Forum which for example - Discusses the Yeas and Nays of - call it - abstract thought… Nor would they ever come to discuss the winner of some future Sporting Event … Nor would they ever Choose to Join Christianity over Hinduism… and so forth and so on…

God gave Man a rather Unique Mind amongst living organisms… and along with that, Sentience… and the Freedom to Choose Many Choices - beyond simple instinct -…

God as Love… wants to share His Love - such as in the manner of Creating Man who can Love, Love…

Yet in a manner - which never forces Man into His Kingdom - for that is too akin to bringing a Pet or even Robot into one’s Home.

Ergo. Free Will . .So that one Freely wills to accept Love and Truth as deeply and internally as can be - which, ultimately is a true form of Purity - and as such - would likewise Love God’s Kingdom…

Hell? Could be realized as a place without love: as if a place or condition of complete Anything Goes Ararchy of Hate, Evil, Cruelty… - in other words a Hell of a place.


So we could choose to love Him. You can’t force someone to love you.


There is merit in choosing good.
If we were programmed automations, we couldn’t ‘merit’ heaven.
Would any of us wish our child to be programmed?
Or do we wish our child’s love to be warm and spontaneous, and at other times, that our child made the choice to be good and kind even if the child didn’t feel like it.
No I don’t really think we’d like ourchildren to be robots.
And God clearly doesn’t!

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Love is a conscious decision. Yet, no decision can or will be made without the freedom to decide between competing options.

According to St Augustine, God gave both angels and man free will, knowing they would sin by choosing themselves over God. But yet this would show how much evil would come out of sin, and how much good would come out of God’s grace (to those who choose not to sin).

From what I’ve taken away from the topic on free will is that God loves us and He wants us to love Him not by force, then it wouldn’t be real love. So, we are given the option to choose to love and trust Him, and we are always given that option every time we ignore Him and mess up. :slight_smile:

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Because He loves us. You can never force someone to love you back. If God did take away our free will than we would be nothing more than automatons doing what God tells us to do because we literally can’t do anything else. It’s a fake kind of love.

God loves us so much that if we choose not to love Him back, we can (at our own peril). It’s like that old saying goes

if you love him/her set him/her free. If s/he comes back than s/he is yours forever. If s/he doesn’t, than it was never ment to be

Free will is His way of showing us love. If we did not have free will, humans would be robots.

He loves us

I believe I understand your post Trishie.

I also believe, we are always choosing the good by our free will and merit in it, not because we deserve it but because God promised it.

What I’m not sure is: When you are Trishie and the other posters say free will:

Is this free will means a libertarian free will which works without God’s aide/ without His cause to choose the good?

Or, Is this an aided free will, which works with God’s aide/ He causes us to choose the good?

In both case, we are freely choosing the good, but the two are not the same.

So, which one of the two kind of free will you are Trishie believe we have?

God bless

Exactly. . aka God gave us Free Will - and for a purpose -

For, Free Will - when especially on the Road of you allowing God’s Infinite Spiritual Will become aligned with your spirit, allows for continuing GROWTH of you. Of Your Soul. You


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