Why did God let us exist in this world? What if He didn't?


I wish God didn’t create me, so I don’t have to suffer in this life. What is your opinion?


God created us to be with him in an eternal life of joy, love and happiness, with no suffering. We can use this short life to prepare and that may involve suffering.


You’ve had no joy at all so far in your life? Isn’t just being alive and experiencing the world worth some suffering? Personal question if you wish to answer: are you young? It is not uncommon for young people to have these feelings.


What i can say is that this world is not our home. The suffering we face actually should not be there since Jesus died for our sins and destroyed original sin. But, as Jesus said, the servant cannot be more perfect than the master. We must suffer as Jesus suffered. But what i can promise you is that if you give all your burdens to Jesus right now, life will be easier. Jesus has done many miracles for me and He can do it for you. Just give up all anxieties and sufferings to Him.


Well, let’s suppose that it doesn’t matter if you were created or came to be by some other process. Whether or not something or someone made you, as luck would have it, the point is that you are suffering. The only help in feeling better is pretty much going to come from you, and if you’re lucky maybe with some help from other people. What would need to be different in order for you to be happy? That is the only practical question for any of us, because whether or not we want to be here, and without regard as to how we came to be, here we are. I would offer the idea that we should stick to matters we can address. You are your own best hope and your own wiliest enemy. Same goes for me or anyone else. The best of luck to you.

All the best!


This is the wrong way to think. You should instead thank God for the gift of life and ask Him what he wishes you to do in order to love him and serve him better in this world so you can be happy with you in the next.

When I was your age, I didn’t want to exist either and the above is what my mother, who was about the age I am now, told me. I rolled my eyes at it, but having managed to exist until I am now her age, I understand what she meant, and that she was right.

Seriously, you’re disrespecting the fact that God put you here for a purpose. Offer up your suffering right now, whatever it is, for poor souls in Purgatory and on Earth, then get on with figuring out what God wants you to do, and ask Him every day to help you be holier AND happier.


‘The Voice of Christ
WHAT are you saying, My child? Think of My suffering and that of the saints, and cease
complaining. You have not yet resisted to the shedding of blood. What you suffer is very little
compared with the great things they suffered who were so strongly tempted, so severely troubled,
so tried and tormented in many ways. Well may you remember, therefore, the very painful woes
of others, that you may bear your own little ones the more easily. And if they do not seem so small
to you, examine if perhaps your impatience is not the cause of their apparent greatness; and whether
they are great or small, try to bear them all patiently. The better you dispose yourself to suffer, the
more wisely you act and the greater is the reward promised you.’ - The Imitation of Christ


I don’t think the OP is Bill Gates or Bezos. I seem to recall the OP is an ordinary student.
Why complicate the thread?

Unless you yourself are Bill Gates or Bezos, then why even think about this? The vast majority of us are ordinary.
Also, you have no idea what kind of awful suffering a business mogul may have. Howard Hughes was the Bezos of his day, and he suffered a great deal and died a miserable death.
Who are you to say that his suffering couldn’t have been redemptive? You didn’t live in his head.


I seriously have no idea what you’re on about.
Muting thread, as far as I’m concerned you’re arguing with yourself.
God bless


An existential crisis is a problem.


Do you guys mind giving me some answers in the Bible? Thank you guys very much.


Cold comfort when your suffering is of a pretty pointless nature.


What does this mean? Are you saying that good and influential men who do for others should then not suffer themselves? I don’t think that’s the way it works, such as with saints. The latter don’t seek earthly or even spiritual rewards for their good deeds. If this is not your thesis, could you tell me and others what exactly you are saying?


I agree, meltzerboy.

I’m not understanding you @Tropical_Delight. It seems like you’re arguing that powerful people who have influence and can do a great deal of good should not suffer.

That is a false premise…God doesn’t promise any of us an easy life. In fact, those who have wealth and riches are often asked to go an extra mile, like when Jesus told the rich young ruler to sell all his possessions and then to follow Him.

God said it is easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven. If you are wealthy, perhaps God is putting you through suffering to humble you and make you more dependent on Him.

But that is only conjecture…I have no clue what is actually going on with you. I would recommend that you draw closer to God in Adoration and start trying to accept His will for your life, whether that means healing or not.

You are demanding healing of God and ranting and raving that He has chosen not to grant healing yet. Accept His will and trust Him even though it makes no sense.

It might not ever make sense until Heaven. Accept that, and focus on Jesus instead of your own sufferings. Focus on Jesus and humble yourself before Him.

You mentioned going blind with cataracts…I would recommend this book by Father Spitzer about transforming suffering. He is so intelligent and influential and can do so much good, but he is struggling with his eyesight so much, yet praises God anyway.

I am truly sorry for your suffering, but God told us not be surprised by the fiery trials that consume us. The servant is not better than the Master. He suffered, and so do we.

I hope you can find peace in the midst of your sorrow. The most beautiful prayers are those that the Saints prayed in the middle of their trials. Keep trusting Him who loves you and holds you in the palm of His hand.

God bless.

ETA: Oops, I was obviously posting too last night and got this confused with Tropical_Delight’s thread. My apologies, @anhphan, this answer was for T_D.


We all suffer. Learn to suffer well, as it has eternal benefit. Desire suffering, for great will be your reward in heaven.


Please consult with your doctor or therapist regarding your mental state. It does not seem to be healthy.


This is close to suicidal discourse. You need to seek professional help.

That’s the only advice we can or should give you


Getting back to the OP’s thread, hopefully without hijacking from someone else having their own issue this time…

I would suggest Ephesians 2:10 for starters.

Also, here is a column from a priest referencing some scripture about why God created a world (and people) that he knew would fall.


I think the bottom line though is that we don’t know and will never, at least on this earth, have full knowledge of why God created us or just what His Plan was. Our job is to question God less and accept with love the fact that we are here and try to serve God better by doing whatever He seems to want us to do.

We all have ups and downs in life and times when things seem really difficult and we wish we weren’t here. If someone is wishing that on a regular and consistent basis, then they should probably get some mental health help because it is likely they may have depression or other mental disease. A normal person also has times in their life when they feel very joyful and happy to be here.


I am sorry for whatever you are going through. Praying that you will take solace in the comfort offered by Jesus Christ, that though we may endure hardships, he has promised to be with us always.


Existence and non-existence, which is better? I know my topic is like “suicide” but sometimes I wonder how non-exsistence is.


I have a question. This may be an irrelevant question and I’m sorry for that. The heading "WHY DID GOD CREATE US, KNOWING THAT WE WOULD FALL?” Why was the gerund “knowing” used here without the verb “to be”? Thank you very much. (I’m Vietnamese and I’m not good at English grammar).

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