Why did God make some people more sensitive than others?

They become wounded more deeply. In American society it can be more difficult to keep up with the fast paced lifestyle. People can easily use this against you. Then I think of sin some people for whatever reason are not as phased by their own wrongdoing or that of others. They do not commit sins that will backfire against themselves. Sensitive people have to tolerate the fact not everyone thinks and acts like they do. Some people put themselves in situations they cannot handle. It is difficult to pity them when they fall.

I feel like sensitive people are sensitive because of experiences that shaped them, I don’t think God is responsible for it

If it is bad, maybe we chose it for a reason?

And I would ask if we trust and love God completely how “sensitive” can we be to the whims of humans???

God is like a human to a speck of dust, if you are with humans do you concern yourself with a single soeck of dust on the other end of the world?

If you are with God, why would you concern yourself so deeply with a human in a way that contradicts Him?

This is an interesting question. You focus on the problems which come along for people who are more sensitive than others, which are very real.

However, there are good things that come with greater sensitivity too. And also, I think we can equate this with almost any personal trait.

People who are more sensitive than others are more vulnerable, but they also have greater humility, and their suffering can afford them more grace and a greater capacity to love.
People who are more intelligent than others are more able to accomplish great things, but are also more prone to sins, because they often focus on how the world sees them and they live worldly lives.
People who are more gregarious than others are better able to form relationships and be liked by others, but this too leads to many opportunities for sin, especially gossip.
People who are more physically small or weak than others are less capable of physical feats of prowess, but they like the sensitive people their lower state makes them better able to have humility.

The point is that it is not unjust for God to create us with different personality traits which make us lesser or greater than those around us. All of us have strengths and weaknesses, and it is what we do with them that matters the most, not how we compare ourselves to others.

I read something about HSP (Highly Sensitive People) in some journal many years ago that might help answer your question. The article was basically stating that in nature there are always those select few in the group (including animals like zebras, deer, sheep, birds etc.) that were more sensitive than the rest. These highly sensitive creatures of the group would be the ones to see the oncoming danger and thus alert the flock/crowd/group to it. Thus, this certain type is to warn the others of oncoming danger.

SO its some sort of Scientific fact there will always be according to nature some that are highly sensitive.

If you think about the Saints, they were such people as well… warning the people, seeing things before others saw it because of their sensitivity.

As the saying goes, ‘it takes all kinds’… yet oddly, lately, and recently in our culture here (at least) it is viewed that those who are sensitives are seen as defective or in need of mental help. Pretty sad if you ask me… the arrogance and ignorance of those viewing it as a problem. Those are the ones God appointed in creating them that way that probably have the abilities to save your butt from things you aren’t sensitive enough to see or understand.

Just look up the term HSP or highly sensitive person if you want to know more about it.

Well, there is the matter of ordered vs disordered.

The saints in general or at least once converted and on their way to sainthood I could see you call “sensitive” in this scinece and ordered way.

However if for example someone gives you a dirty look when you are about to go to work in the morning and you go back in your house curl into bed and stay there a week to lose your job and become homeless…

Well that is disordered. I used such and obvious example in that anykne could probably argue the finer points of what is ordered vs disordered in life all day, but at least here we could agree there is a difference between the two wherever the line may be.


Elaine Aron wrote a popular book called “The Highly Sensitive Person”. Not only are HSPs
more vulnerable emotionally, but also physically, too.

A HSP might have a harder time tolerating noise, bright lights, crowds or tags on clothing.
They might hold on to grudges longer and feel insulted easier.

At the same time, the HSP have a great capacity to empathize with others, feel their pain.
They are often the one who stands up to the bully or notices when someone is called a bad name, like fat or retard.

Our greatest writers, poets, musicians and artists are most likely HSPs. They feel more and express themselves more creatively.

This is not a defect as long as it is kept in balance. The less sensitive people may be emotionally stronger, but they have to sometimes guard against being callous.

Actually, they BOTH are disordered. The one giving the dirty look is disordered too. Not fair to only curse the one that had the problem with it and sulked…if anyone was not affected by a dirty look to some degree I’d say they have hardened heart. However, one can be sensitive and act in an disorderly way as you put it here… so I don’t fully disagree with what you said as that would be correct also that it would be very behaviorally wrong to act in such manner because someone else chose to act in a disorderly way as well. But BOTH are disordered here. That needs to be clear to all. Sin is disorder.

By the way, in all the people I’ve ever met, I don’t’ think I’ve ever met someone that sensitive and ‘disordered’ about a dirty look that it would extend far into their lives like that… that is unless there were some serious issues like abuse going on behind the scenes between the two people. But I guess you were just exaggerating the example here and I can understand that.


Any personality trait anyone has can become a defect.

There was no comment of approval to the dirty looker in my post was there?

And to your last point of not seeing anyone act that bad, I did put in the qualifier of an extreme example as to negate arguing specifics within the realm of degrees since such an arguement would not be necessary here. It was simply a question of disorder vs order as to their existence. I leave determining degrees and such up to the readers of the post :slight_smile:

I heard no condemnation for it, no. And that’s sort of some of my point in my original post here… that people who are sensitive usually become the scapegoats- that society says they are the ones in the wrong. Even in your post which I commented on here- you spoke quite derogatory of the idea of sensitivity- I say that because your example was a stretch (as I also commented on). Its this idea that sensitivity is wrong somehow and rudeness, arrogance, anger is normal (using your example here- not speaking of you, so please don’t confuse that.)

Its that extreme example that I think is common thinking in society in which what a sensitive person is, and it simply put, in reality is not- though there can be wrong behavior on account of that sensitivity (just as any personal trait can become a wrong behavior) Its an extreme example you gave… kind of mocks… ? .

Perhaps I’m over reacting, maybe… but I just see it so much in society thinking sensitivity in people- especially in males- is something erroneous, wrong, a defect. Like it needs to be eradicated or something or that its some sort of disorder. This is all related to extrovert/introvert societal ideas too… I’m an introvert (even though some people think I am not.) so I have a lot of ‘sensitivity’ about the topic of sensitives! :p;):slight_smile:

Basic point: I’d like to see society start speaking WELL of sensitives and not using that example of the person cowering in the corner - as if sensitive people are weak or defective. Not saying you are saying that Lethal Mouse, but in a way, by using that example again, its just continuing with that bias, with that prejudice. (…At least to me)

It’s part of the variability of our beings, just as some have stronger or weaker eyes, nose etc. or longer limbs, than others. Human beings are not made on an assembly line; we are not interchangeable.


Sensitive people give us the opportunity to learn sensitivity.

Can you imagine if the whole world was callous? We’d end up in a bad place pretty quick I think.

The attitude is that. Evil will always exist so get used to it. A sensitive person shows that they cannot handle it. Some may see this as a weakness. Sensitive people perhaps cannot handle the callousness of the real world. I would not say cruelty is necessarily rewarded. Being cruel or mean is just another way to control the world around you. Mean people often have other people doing things their way because no one wants to challenge or deal with them for too long, they rather do things their way instead of risking an argument or a headache.

I really do not know what you mean

Sensitivity may be good in the religious world. Not in the “real” world. If you do not believe in God or are not particularly spiritual, I do not see how sensitivity would be a good trait for you. I think sensitivity can only be appreciated or used for a higher purpose.

We all perceive things differently. I got a job being of minority decent once, yet many will say there is only ism agaisnt the minorities and nothing agaisnt the majority.

Sad thing is said majority does have many pitfalls that are ignored. Especially the full majority blooded guy that might have been up for the same job, but nah, he has more privilege than me.

So here I see the opposite ism than many in the mainstream claim, so that as long as they claim it is still unfair to me, then no one can quwstion what they do.

If you asked my perception, I would say “sensitives” have won, and idk where this bias you cite comes from. TBH no one is allowed to offend a sensitive, in this society if someone did what my example was they dirty looker is screwed for not catering to the mental illness. Not literally within this insane example but in lesser venues.

Sensitive people can as you did take my post which set purely an example and involved the dirty looker who was entirely irrelevant so he went undiscussed. But you chose to insinuate approval on my part and run with it. You chose to negate my credibility by attacking the details of an example that was given with the very qualifiers you attacked.

Basically the sensitives cry louder and longer until people agree with them so they win. It doesn’t matter what this post here says, you will pick it apart in and out of context at will, you will cry foul and insult, and the only way it will ever stop is when either I submit to you or if you get a third party to take me out.

Sensitives run this world, sensitivity training abound everywhere, you won, and you will win continually until you can’t scream louder than everyine else anymore.

“Hey look at me, I am hurt!! Do what I need” is the battle cry that wins more than loses.

Sensitivity can be used to manipulative others. Just because someone cries the hardest or the loudest, does not mean they are not guilty of fault themselves. In an individual sense, I do think sensitivity can be a strong weakness. Get hurt deeper and having it last longer does not work well in a fast-paced world. A sensitive person can easily get people to pity them where a callous person cannot. Now I think of it, it is difficult to say who really has it “worse.”

In a world where we no longer need to “survive” the cries garner one far more in a sense. Sure for the most part the openly strong raise to the tip top, but for the bulk of people mucking around below the tip top it is often better to be weak. The ultimate way to get stuff lol.

On the flip side to ordered weakness I enjoy their existence. Helping people who actually need and deserve help is about the greatest reward life gives, and I feel incompkete without it. I wish there was less disordered people, I would be able to help more without feeling disgusted in retrospect. It destroys in some instances the entire selfish aspect of rendering any for of aid, and I like being selfish :stuck_out_tongue:

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