Why did God make the universe so large?

I always thought it was a way for us to understand better how great God is, but is there any other reason?

To show his wonder and awe… Oh, and it is still expanding and getting larger :wink:

Here is a better question, is it really that big in comparison?

God is immensely generous in all He does. Just look at vastness nature for that. Just look at the wedding at Cana where Christ miraculously created wine out of water far in excess of requirement. God is generous.

The universe would not seem large to God.

Why should we assume that God created the universe just to sustain us?

There are a lot of strange worlds out there and it’s very possible that some of these worlds sustain some kind of life. If that’s the case, then why couldn’t at least a few of those alien life-forms have eternal souls with their own set of commandments like we do? :slight_smile:

I like to think it is because God made a logical, rule-based universe that can’t help but expand based on the laws of physics. The fact that nothing happens arbitrarily shows just how great of an engineer God is. I’m not a physicist, but I bet that if the rules that make the universe the size it is didn’t exist, we would notice a lot of other inconsistencies in our daily lives because there would be a gap in the order God designed.

Maybe it’s only large to us. Maybe in God’s “eyes” it’s pretty small.

If the universe were smaller some would ask why God made the universe so small.

What size would satisfy everyone?


but since it’s exanding, it must kindof expand into something, occupying more room, and what kind of room is this? What is beyond the universe?

maybe because the probabilities to get one planet with just the right size sun and planet with just the right elemental make up required it, statistically speaking… I can imagine Jesus and some of the higher order of angels pitching the idea to him (born of the Father before all ages, through him all things were made)

There are several possible explanations/reasons for it, and it just proves we don’t know all God’s plans :slight_smile: I know this is not a satisfacting answer at all, but I’m sure the Universe’s hugeness will prove itself useful in the future :slight_smile:

We don’t know how large the Universe is. Look up the latest Hubble deep space photo. In the background are faint images of galaxies even farther away.


I remember reading in the Catholic Encyclopedia article on Heaven that the Saints in addition to being in Heaven are “free to go about in this world”. In the article about the General Resurrection, it says that resurrected bodies are “endowed with the capability of moving with the utmost facility and quickness wherever the soul pleases” Assuming my interpretation is correct then at least part of the reason the universe is big could be that its simply God’s way of saying that all of this is ours if we choose the path of salvation.

That’s one way of seeing it :thumbsup:

I have another view. I believe God teaches us through History and Nature and, if all these planets in our Universe are truly uninhabited, God wants to teach us to be humble showing us how small we are! :slight_smile:

No one can speak as God, so this cannot be answered with authority. It is nice to read about the different views though!


a good reference / source on this and related topics is Father Robert Spitzer


"Does Contemporary Science Point to an Intelligent Creator?

Does a beginning of our universe imply a creation? What if our universe is part of a multiverse? Does a multiverse have to have a beginning and a creation?

Could the initial conditions and constants of our universe have occurred by pure chance?

What’s more reasonable and responsible, a Creator or a physical universe without a Creator?

The answers to these questions can be understood by students and adults who do not have a background in physics.

Join us on a journey to the very origins of our universe – and beyond."

When I get there I’ll ask and send you a text!!


GK Chesterton has an idea on the subject: God is childlike (‘become ye as little children’). If children find something they like doing they do it again and again. God found making suns and planets so much fun He didn’t stop.

Actually, I like Cascadian’s idea (having thought of it myself). Have you noticed how little of this vast universe we are able to live in? We are confined to less than a quarter of the earth’s surface, in a narrow band extending about 6 km up and, say, 3 km down. So less than 10km thick - further up and we freeze/asphyxiate; further down and we cook. God’s way of saying: “I’ve got a little place in the corner here where you can work out your salvation; afterwards it’s the big, open spaces.” Heaven is going to be a lot of fun.

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