Why did God redeem humans when Adam and Eve had full knowledge when they committed original sin?

Since original sin was a mortal sin Adam and Eve had full knowledge when they committed it. The same happened with case of angels when they chose to sin, they also had full knowledge. But God redeemed humans only. So the question is, what is that difference between the full knowledge of humans and angels that caused God to redeem humans only? Both had full knowledge, so why it seems God had partiality?

Adam and Eve had full knowledge of good. After eating from the Tree of Life, they had full knowledge of evil.

Angels are created with full knowledge of both, good and evil. (From A Scriptural Study of Angels, Catholic Scriptural Study, International)

Well, I think that the Angels have a much clearer understanding of the nature of God.
We know that they were created superintelligent, when compared with us, humans.

Some could say we are shown more mercy, but this is only in apparence, who can know but God, the level of the intellect of our first fathers?
If they were as children in their understanding of the world around them and of God, would He punish them and the whole human race to hell for eternity?

He created the human race out of love, would he not show that love even after they transgressed?

If you are a father or mother you probably have experienced this. Your children will do something that wounds you. Your heart aches with pain from their actions or words.
And yet you are willing to forgive them.
If fallen imperfect humans do this. How much more is the creator of the Universe and of the whole human race willing to forgive his children?

Honestly, we don’t know 99.9% of what happened with the Angels. They most likely did have multiple chances to choose for God, but at some point they had to make a final choice. The same happens with humans, at some point the choice is made, and it becomes final.

The angels were given the ability to see at a glance what the consequences of their rebellion would be, and they chose it anyway.

Humans learn as we go along, we fall down, and then can get up again, and hopefully learn by our seeking of self. (sin).

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I believe God loves all His creation equally. Therefore I believe He took one look at us and His Mercy overflowed so He Gave us His Only Begotten Son to expiate our sins thus redeeming us before His Justice. As for the angels I, as Milton postulated in Paradise Lost, do not discount His Mercy there also. I find only Jesuits purport to know the mind of God so I leave the issue for greater minds.

This just goes to show that having “knowledge” of God does not keep us in union with God but doing His will does.

I don’t think humans in the beginning had “full knowledge”, hence the Serpent’s tempting
offer of “knowing both good and evil.” Human has free will, Human is also limited in know-
ledge, thereby allowing a free range of choices. Angels, however, were the ones given full
knowledge, thus were given ONLY one choice: FOR or AGAINST God. We all know what
happened then, right?

Angels and Humans are different, so they’re treated differently. No partiality, one creation
is created for one purpose, the other for another, God is in charge, AND IS FAIR.

Judas, if Adam and Eve didn’t have full knowledge how came their sin mortal? How can it cut the Sanctifying Grace?

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