Why did God send Satan/ demons to earth?

I have been kicking this around lately, when Satan and the other 1/3 tried to overthrow heaven, they were kicked out of heaven, but why would God send them down to earth with us…why not immediately to hell?

Plus, there is even that verse that goes something like “Woe onto you all, for satan and his cohorts roam among you” (not sure on exact wording here)…well the warning is great, but it was God himself that sent them here…??

Why would you send your adversary and his minions (which he was able to corrupt in the first place) to your creation you love and care for?


The Devil and Divine Providence
by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.

Adam and Eve introduced sin and hence the devil into earth.

Yes, but it was God who ‘allowed’ Satan to be in the garden with them too, and this event was after Satan had rebelled, Had God sent them to hell or somewhere else, Satan would not have been in the garden in the first place…?

That kind of fuels my belief that Satan/ demons being able to do what they do, and having done the things they did, are all part of Gods plan, and Satan never actually rebelled, or tried to take over heaven, he is simply doing what he was created for…he is the ‘alternative’ to God, to make free will possible (in that there must be another choice for there be a choice in the first place).

I am starting to believe the story of his fall was just that, a story, so we could grasp the concept of an alternative to God, its much easier for us to understand a being rebelling than it is for us to comprehend Gods all encompassing plan for mankind…Satan/ demons, evil in general ARE that alternative to God, had they not been on earth or allowed to do these things, would there be an alternative to God?

God permits evil in the world in order that He may bring good out of it.

God allows the devil to tempt us in order to draw us closer to Him. He tests our loyalty, faith, trust, virtue, and generosity.

God loved His spiritual creatures, i.e. angels and men, enough to give them a free will with which they can desire, choose, love or hate.
That was the option before the fall of the angels when He mysteriously tested them.

That is still our option now.
Choose to conform to the will of God or be a slave to our selfish will. Love God or love ourselves.
We should make use of our freedom to submit and obey our Creator.
Men can make mistakes choosing their self-will and still repent. Angels weren’t given that option. Those who failed the test out of pride were condemned to eternal punishment.

Those strong in faith, like the Blessed Virgin Mary, can fearlessly overcome and crush the devil.
Learn your faith. You can never afford to lose it.
We must walk by faith not by sight to be Christians. Sometimes when we over analyze God’s revelation we can distance ourselves from the very truth we set out to understand. Many people are over-educated and find it impossible to have a child-like faith.

I agree, so basically the role satan and demons have filled, was needed all along, in a world where we all have free will.

Thats what Ive been trying to get across, Satan never ‘rebelled’ or tried to overthrow Gods position, he is simply doing the job he was created for.

They can only be where we allow them. They are limited to what can be done. A world full of humans who love God subsequently has no more devil, no possesions etc.

I am reminded of people who see “demons” real or psychological… when a schizophrenic says they see a demon tell then to do evil etc…

I am undoubtedly real. If I walk up to you in the mall and tell you to murder someone you will likely be like “uhhh no weirdo” and I can walk up as “friend” when you see a demon who presents as such why does their suggestion carry weight? Because you allow it. If you laugh at it, then it carries no weight and they would be left to sit on their hands in uselessness.

It also reminds me of how at exorcisms it is said a demon will often reveal the sins and such of those attempting to eradicating him. Okay… so? If your dirty laundry destroys you, again this is YOU not them. I may have sins, I may have dirty laundry, but I know two reasons I shall never meet a demon:

  1. It would defacto prove God

  2. With such proof on top of preexisting faith a demon listing my faults would simply induce the greatest form of laughter… like “really dude? LOLOLOLOL so what?”

God does not send anyone, Satan, fallen angels or humans, to Hell. Anyone in Hell has sent themselves there.

The fallen angels rejected Jesus as God because he was also human. They refused to worship a man.


He didn’t literally send them to earth. They are only literally on earth when they manifest in some way, appearance, possession, etc. I also don’t think we can blame every temptation on them, either. We do just fine tempting ourselves. But every temptation comes from the First Temptation, which was instigated by the influence of the Original Deciever… So in a sense, all temptation flows from that.

But I think it’s much more complicated than ‘they were thrown to earth.’ In fact, they generally aren’t here, or the demons Jesus threw out of the possessed man wouldn’t have begged to go into the swine instead of back to Hell. That means the normal state of affairs is that they’re in Hell. Whispering between the realms, sure, but not literally running around.

After all, what else can we use except metaphors to represent what is pure spirit? Pure spirits can’t literally roam, because they have no bodies… It’s hard for us to even state correctly in a language OF corporeal beings designed FOR and BY corporeal beings.

We have free will.
We choose to party with them. God is not somehow to blame.

Satan fell (so became evil) before Adam and Eve were made. Just FYI!

So God permitted Satan fall, as he did permit a third of all the angels to fall with Satan, but each angel chose for themselves whether to follow God or side with Lucifer (Satan.)

Bible says Satan was cast down to earth…?

There is rejoicing in heaven; however, it is very bad news for the people of the earth. The devil is now among the inhabitants of the earth. He is furious and has great wrath-ref 12:12. He is like a wild, raging animal with great power.

The book of Job also tells us, at least at that time, Satan still had access to heaven and to the throne of God. “One day the angels came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also came with them. The LORD said to Satan, ’Where have you come from?’ Satan answered the LORD, ‘From roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it’” (Job 1:6-7)

So, it doesnt appear being ‘cast’ out of heaven is that big a deal, if satan was able to come to this angelic gathering after his ‘fall’…??

As I was trying to point out… Since they are pure spirits, place, appearance, and any other purely physical attribute is hard to define in our language designed for beings with bodies. I just said we have to take any physical description of a spirit with that mental caveat.

Not really imo, even though they are spirits, they can take on physical forms, which are very real to us, in that they have mass, and can perform actions that effect our physical world, just like those 2 heavenly angels that went to Lots house, they were real enough, they could eat, drink, someone could shake their hand and feel the mass of their body.

So it may be hard for us to define how they actually do this and where that physical mass comes from, but ultimately, if they can be felt, and effect us and our world, thats more important.

I presume demons do the same thing, and masquerade as something else in order to trick people.

Give them hugs… demons cannot handle loving hugs :slight_smile:

I did not say they cannot manifest physically, just that this is not most often the case.

When they become present in the physical world, words to describe WHERE they are and WHAT they are doing become more accurate.

I was simply saying that just because some verses or statements say they are down here with us, does not mean they are here literally, physically, all the time.

It means sometimes they are here literally and physically. The rest of the time their ‘presence’ is not physical, but spiritual. Subtle. Metaphorical. Different than we can imagine, because we have only ever experienced being corporeal and we can’t actually understand having no body until we die and start our interlude as pure spirit.

I just think people get confused and think that all the demons are literally running around messing with us - when most are in hell, most of the time, inasmuch as place can be defined when speaking of spirits.

When they are corporeal in appearance or performing possession, feel free to pin them down with words regarding time and place and action. Unless and until they are physically manifest, remember that our language has to bend itself in knots to express the truth of the incorporeal.

Is all I was saying. :shrug:

So you think they can come and go from Hell?

If they could do that, why would a human soul not be able?

Just seems very strange God ‘allows’ Satan and the demons so much freedom, when they are the ones who tried to take over heaven and his position, not to mention, we are told satan is out to corrupt the human race as much as he can, knowing that, again, Why would God grant him so many abilities and freedom.

The world being fallen is not the reason either, Satan/ demons were the sole reason why the world is fallen in the first place, normally when someone ‘corrupts’ a system, and then is caught or expelled, they are definitely prevented from doing further damage, not granted special access.

During this time, pre new heaven and earth etc… who knows? If saints can act as angels and come to earth could the same logic not apply to evil souls? If in revelation the Devil turns resurrected decaying humans into his army to assault the city of God…then isn’t it logical that he would have loyalist human anti-saints? Perhaps even the weaker “demons” are in fact these?

Now one could theorize there is limited circumstance in which they can rise from hell…

But I find semantics comical as many say “there are no ghosts” but a saint (ie: appearance of Mary) Is by all definition a ghost. Which means a “Good ghost visit” from a beloved family member etc… could easily be a saint

Some more questionable good/bad conflicted type ghosts souls with some ability to connect to earth via purgatory

“Bad ghosts” being demons or especially if it is thought to be a known evil doer’s spirit, why not an anti-saint?

The difference here is that the evil ghosts would have the least power, as in a good saint will do what they will have been sent here to do, the evil’s power being tied to the faith of the affected and the limits placed on them by God.

Just seems very strange God ‘allows’ Satan and the demons so much freedom, when they are the ones who tried to take over heaven and his position, not to mention, we are told satan is out to corrupt the human race as much as he can, knowing that, again, Why would God grant him so many abilities and freedom.

I would say it is like when a parent gives a child an option to choose rather than implement sheltering. Like allowing your kid to go to a party, you know dang well what many teens will be doing there and that there will be some trying to corrupt yours. You can lock your kid away or give them a chance to sink/swim so to speak.

It could also be argued perhaps that as Lucifer and his minions are God’s creation he loves them and they are like a terrible child… one who would be the bad influence to your others, but you give every chance for your children including your worst to “see the light” so to speak and stop their foolishness.

I always assume it is at least theoretically possible that if Satan repented truly and his heart was turned back to God he might even find forgiveness and admittance to heaven.

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