"Why Did Hundreds Of CEOs Resign Just Before The World Started Going Absolutely Crazy?"

One might almost start to think it was orchestrated and many were aware, but that is impossible (and you would be a Conspiracy Theorist )


Was a baseline established?
How many transitions in 2019, 2018, 2017, …

I have long said that the half life of high executives is much shorter than we assume. Corporations are harsh places oftentimes. A guy comes along from outside or inside with some really good ideas that the directors and major shareholders want to implement. So they kick out the former CEO and hire “new guy”. After about five years, they milk “new guy” (or “gal”) dry and get another bright person with some wonderful ideas.

They’re almost like professional athletes. They only have so much time at the top.

I would have to see some statistics to think this phenomenon is anything other than the normal churn, perhaps somewhat exacerbated and accelerated by a frothy economic environment.

This whole thing is shady. We may not know for MANY years but this was not just a fluke. There is a bigger agenda behind this pandemic than we may ever know. That’s why we must as Catholics keep our eyes on Who is above and not get bogged down with only what is before us here. In the end only God matters. All the gold, wealth, success, possessions, prestige, honors , etc. won’t mean anything when we are in our plots at the cemetery or just a memory. For what does it profit man to gain his fortune and lose his soul. We can take nothing with us from this Earth but the good we’ve done and the love we’ve given.


I was about to ask the same thing. Without knowing the normal rate of change knowledge of a single data point isn’t informative enough to draw any conclusions.

Are stock transactions made by US Senators in the public domain? If so it should also be possible to chase these and any others up, should anyone seek to build a base line for comparison.
" Dianne Feinstein, 3 Senate colleagues sold off stocks before coronavirus crash: reports"


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