Why did Jesus celebrate the Passover on Thursday


…when the lambs were slain on Friday? It’s clear from Scripture that the Eucharistic was instituted during a Seder. While He could tended with the Parise especially He did say to do as they say not what they do. So I doubt he was following the Esseen calender. I read an article by Jimmy Akin and he states there were TWO lambs for passover, one for the evening prior and one for the actual feast day and both were eaten, but I can find no reference for this. Anyone know anything about this?


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Isn’t it because a Jewish day runs from nightfall to nightfall? So Thursday evening to Friday evening would be the eve of Passover and Passover begins at dusk on Friday?


They weren,t celebrating passover, that was the next night. They were just having a just got to town dinner!


He knew He would be spending the next night dead, so He celebrated with His friends earlier.



The Passover lambs were slain on Thursday afternoon, eaten that evening, and Jesus was arrested later that night in the early hours of Friday.

I agree with you that Jesus was not using the Essene calendar as some have said. May I offer you my research on this subject here: 5loaves2fishes.net/was-jesus-crucified-friday

(dont worry about my title; I am in agreement that Jesus was crucified on Friday.)


This is a good post and the link seems to be pretty accurate.

This can all be very confusing. When I need to do deep research into Jewish feasts, temple service, etc., I always refer to the author and scholar Alfred Edersheim. He has a book called “The Temple, its Ministry and Service as they were at the time of Christ”. This book is invaluable.

Regarding the notion that Jesus celebrated the Passover a day early, he says:

At the outset, we may dismiss as unworthy of serious discussion, the theory,
either that our Lord had observed the Paschal Supper at another than the regular time for it, or that St. John meant to intimate that he had partaken of it on the 13th instead of the 14th of Nissan…Except on the evening of the 14th of Nissan, no Paschal lamb could have been offered in the temple, and therefore no Paschal Supper celebrated in Jerusalem.


From what I have read in Jewish sources, there was only one Paschal Lamb. However, if the family was too large for one lamb, another lamb could be brought. This was not part of the Paschal offering, but was considered a Peace offering. It was not mandatory. The whole Passover lamb must be eaten in the same evening, however if the peace offering was added to the meal, some of the peace offering could be left over.

However, there was another peace offering which was offered after the Passover Lamb. This peace offering was mandatory and was offered on the 15th of Nissan and eaten at that time. And according to the author I quoted in my above post, It is this mandatory offering which the Jews were afraid they might not be able to eat if they contracted defilement in the judgement hall of Pilate (John 18:28) This is probably what Jimmy Akin was referring to.


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