Why did Jesus Christ not know the Day and Hour?


I know this is a boring topic because many people asked it before. However, I am really confused by the confliction. I can’t apprehend why Jesus is God but He didn’t know the Day and Hour? Thank you very much.


It was not something naturally known through his human nature, and it was not something that the Son was sent to reveal to men.


You mean Jesus Christ was a human being, so he couldn’t understand God’s will?


No, I said nothing about not understanding God’s will. I just said that it was knowledge the Son wasn’t sent to reveal, and it was not something that his human nature would know naturally.


But I think He is God, He could still know the Day and Hour despite not being sent to reveal.


Here is Bishop Haydock’s commentary on the verse in Mark 13. Haydock is briefly summarizing positions of earlier theologians.


Also from Bishop Haydock’s commentary, but on the passage in Matthew 24:


So can we say that His humanity prevented Him form revealing us the Day and Hour?


And is it true that He knows as well as doesn’t know the Day and Hour?


I think after He was resurrected, Jesus resumed His full divine knowledge. Matthew 28:18; Acts 1:7


Of course he did.

Have you studied about Jesus’ knowledge? You’ll find your answer there.

Research on the three kinds of knowledge Jesus possessed: the Beatific Vision, his infused knowledge, and his experimental knowledge.


Thank you.

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