why did Jesus come at the time he did?

i think, in a nutshell, it was because we were becoming “too civilized”… He knew we would soon start thinking we were totally independent of God, could do anything, etc…


Probably due to the amount of suffering in the world. You had the brutal Roman Empire, with it’s relentless pursuit of territory and polytheism. You also had the harsh social & economic conditions. I think the introduction of the teachings of Jesus revolutionized the world and actually made us become more civilized.

Because it was the fullness of time…

My own thought about this is that it is because of Rome. Because of the spread of the Roman empire, so many places in Europe had at least one person who could speak and read Latin. This allowed for the spread of the faith in the West. Because of the Greek presence in the East, you could spread the faith using that language in the Eastern part. Rome had roads, which helped people move faster.

In the end, though, it was because GOd decided it was time.

Gabriel of 12;

The fullness of time as Raphinal posted; But what is this fullness of time? True the Roman Empire was at its peak, and the Ceasars where making themselves to be worshipped as gods. Not to mention the temple of God was being rebuilt by the puppet half breed Jewish King Herod, and appointed his own priests in authority after all the true priests of God where dispersed or killed. So yes evil was now making itself to be god of the people of the earth besides all the prophecies were coming into fulfillment at this time and called for the “deliverer” Messiah to come who not only delivered humanity but all of creation as well by his self sacrifice.

I agree with this assesment. The world had not been so connected as in that point in time.

Hi Gabriel of 12,

I never heard before that Herod appointed the priests in the Temple. I’m interested in learning/reading more about this. Any suggestions where I can find this?


When Jesus came, the circumstances for spreading Christianity were absolutely perfect. Everyone in the civilized world knew Koine Greek, it may not have been their native tongue and they might not be fluent in it, but for the purposes of trade huge numbers of people could usually understand it. Also the Romans were great road builders, there was a reason for the old saying “all roads lead to Rome.” The Romans had also pretty much enforced peace within the empire. These three things, a common language, a good system of roads, and peace made rapidly spreading the Gospel as easy as it ever would be again for hundreds of years.

Gabriel of 12;

There are 28 Herodian (times) appointed High Priests. There are multiple Kings from the Herodian family reaching back to 43 b.c from Antipater II. The mentioned of appointed priests by the KIng Herods; resources are many. For a quick listing of dates and appointements can be found in the “New Jerome Biblical Commentary” by Prentice Hall edited by Raymond Brown S.S and others. See page 1246 for a detailed list.

Also, the Romans had eliminated the evil Carthaginian Empire. The Romans were opposed to Christianity, but Carthage was diabolic and would have been a much greater threat to the fledgling church. I thin Chesterton goes into this someplace, but don’t have reference at hand, or even remember what I read well enough to do an intelligent search.

Because it was Allah’s will.
All we need to know.

Man-kind were astray and in need of a Messenger.


Because it’s impossible to do the “Sign of the Gallows” or “Sign of the Guillotine” or “Sign of the Lethal Injection Table” or “Sign of the Firing Squad”. Jesus came at the time he did so we could easily do the Sign of the Cross.:wink:

Now seriously, Jesus probably came at that time because the number of people who believed in God were diminishing. Today, there’s only 13 million Jews in the world out of 6 billion+ people. If Jesus hadn’t come before now, there wouldn’t be any Christians. Maybe no Muslims too.

It’s because the prophecies said that would be the time. Unlike today, we have no set timeline to look at, only “signs”. But like today, back then the failed to recognize that it was time for Him to come and so failed to recognize Him when He did. We are in danger of doing the exact same thing.

Thank you, Gabriel of 12, and to everyone–

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! Truly, He is Risen!

Your very welcome:) and happy Pascua to you; Vivat Jesut;

Because the time has come according to God. (Galatians 4:4)

It was the PERFECT time willed by the Father.

I recall it says someplace that He came “in the fullness of time”. I think that means when God had everything ready for His message.

hmmm… never thought of that. But i do wonder , sometimes, What about those who were born before Jesus suffered and died? I guess they were in some kind of Purgatory or something?

just wondering: what do you think of… well, it seems that Christainity was big in the world for al ong time… from about 300 AD to 1950…

Now things are going back to barbarism and paganism (abortion on demand, fornication is the norm, euthanasia being intro’d… )

Maybe its time for Jesus to come again???

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