Why did Jesus Die for Us?


I hope this is the right place to post this.

This question probably has a Baltimore Catechism answer, but why did Jesus die for us? I know it was to cleanse us of our sins. But, why does he loves us more than a bird or cat etc.?

Why would his greatest act of love be pointed at us? What makes us his object of affection? Why did God make man higher than the animals? Is it because we have intrinsic worth of some kind? Sorry if this is a weird question! :o


Man is the only creation of God that is made in the image of God, with an eternal soul. We are fundamentally different than animals. We are children of God. He made us capable of worshiping him and spreading his message of love and mercy.

When was the last time you saw a dog working the homeless shelter or an elephant singing the Gloria?

That’s the difference.


Well said. I haven’t heard an elephant singing the Gloria lately that is. LOL!~


Haha! okay, so its only because we are made in his image? I guess I’m just trying to understand why he loves us so much. I’m probably over thinking it…


I think you may be.

Indeed God loves us more than we can imagine. Remember God is love. He loves all his creation, but man is special, made in his image.


He suffered and died for our salvation simply because He loves us That Much. Why else would he go through that?

He didn’t make birds and cats in His image and likeness.


Jesus’ act of obedience unto death restored the original relationship between humanity and Divinity.


Perhaps they are intune with God in a way us humans can not see or hear!


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