Why did Jonathan (King Saul's son ) die?

Correct me if I’m wrong but Jonathan seem like a nice guy. Was he killed in punishment for what his dad did?

Do you think his death was an order for David to become king?

If David was to be king, Jonathan as well as Saul’s other sons pretty much had to die to clear the way to the throne. It’s possible that if Saul had followed and loved God then his descendants, perhaps including Jonathan, might have kept control of the throne.

I don’t think people dying in the OT was necessarily based on whether they were good guys or bad guys. When God willed that it was time for you to die, you would die. There’s also a verse where Jonathan asks David to be kind to his family, suggesting that Jonathan knows that he and his brothers will die and David is God’s chosen king.

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The Philistines killed Jonathan in battle. People, good and bad, die in battle all the time. I don’t see an issue.

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