Why did Mary ask for the consecration of Russian government

I’m reading that Our Lady of Fatima asked for the consecration of the Russian government.

Has Russia’s government become a Catholic government because of the miracles of Fatima?

Does this article show evidence that Russia is a Catholic superpower?

Putin also added that Russia will defend Christian values ​​and morality. According to Putin, Russian government considers it only natural and right to defend traditional Christian and moral values.

"We need to respect the rights of all minority groups, but we also must respect the rights of the majority population. These rights should not be questioned “, said Putin. “Without the values ​​embedded in Christianity and other religions and without the evolution of moral standards, people will inevitably lose their human dignity.”

“Events that take place in the world represent one more serious challenge to the Russian identity. There are foreign policy and moral aspects to this. We have been able to see many Euro-Atlantic countries effectively embark on a path of renouncing their roots, including Christian values, which underlie Western civilization,” Putin said.

“That involves the negation of moral principles and any traditional identity - national, cultural, religious, or even sexual,” he said.

“Policies are pursued that put large families and same-sex partnerships in the same category, belief in God and belief in Satan. Excesses of political correctness reach the point where there are serious discussions on the registration of parties that have propaganda of pedophilia as their objective. People in many European countries are ashamed and afraid of speaking about their religion, holidays are abolished or given other names, names that shyly conceal the nature of those holidays, and aggressive attempts are made to force this model on the rest of the world,” Putin said.
Read more: voiceofrussia.com/news/2013_09_19/Russia-will-develop-as-democratic-state-defend-Christian-values-and-morality-Putin-2355/

Only about one percent of Russians are members of Churches in communion with Rome. The vast majority of Christians are Russian Orthodox in the Russian Federation, about 15 percent of Russian citizens are Muslim and a small percentage are animists. The consecration of Russia is always a rather touchy subject by the way around these parts.

Of course the Russian Orthodox would say they were already Catholic thank you very much :slight_smile:

By the way, Our Lady of Fatima didn’t ask for the consecration of the Russian “GOVERNMENT”. She asked for the consecration of the Russian PEOPLE. A whole different thing. I think she would be just as happy if they all converted to Russian Orthodox, rather than Roman Catholic. The Russian Orthodox also follow Jesus, and honor Mary as His Mother. The point of the consecration of Russia was that Communism was in control of the country, and a huge proportion of the population, if not actively members of the Communist Party (and you couldn’t easily get a good education or good job unless you were a member of the Party), were atheists. Prior to the Communists taking over the country, Russia was a very Christian country, for the most part. The Communists closed most Churches, and some were turned into offices for Party officials. The only people who attended Church were generally the very old, and the Party pretty much left them alone, since they controlled the education market which taught their children and grandchildren, and so regarded the elderly, and the very few Priests who were openly seen, as a dying breed.

By the way, at the time Our Lady appeared in Fatima, Portugal was also becoming controlled by an atheist government!!!

As far as I know, she asked for the consecration of Russia (the nation) and not the Russian government (though one includes the other, I presume.)

Has Russia’s government become a Catholic government because of the miracles of Fatima?

It’s made some encouraging moves, to be sure. But it’s too soon to tell how long they will last. Vladimir Putin is a charismatic, authoritarian leader, but he’ll be a tough act to follow. Look at other nations with a strong, opinionated dictator (Spain comes to mind) - they generally devolved into a more “liberal” direction after the demise of that person.

Also, the Russian Orthodox Church is quite different from the Catholic Church.

This is a very accurate explanation of Mary’s request at Fatima. The consecration involved the converting of Russia from communism .I believe that there was also a statement that Russia would be eventually consecrated but after it had spread errors.".In the end my Immaculate heart will triumph. Russia will be consecrated to me, and a period of peace will be granted."The consecration was completed on March 25 1984 the same day over 100 people witnessed an apparition of Our Lady in Venezuela.

As I understood it at the time, the Consecration done at that time (1984) was of the “world” and not of Russia in specific terms. Apparently Sister Lucia, the last remaining visionary from Fatima told the Holy Father that the Consecration of Russia had to be specific. I believe that Russia was specifically named in a Consecration at a later time, as a part of the Consecration of the World, but as a part of the whole world, not Russia by herself. I think this may have met the conditions of Our Lady’s request the second time, in a more specific manner.

Also, the atheist government of Portugal did fail, but I have heard they’ve had a bit of a mess with the government since then. However, the Church in Portugal is apparently no longer being persecuted or churches closed in the country.

So you are saying that the Russian PEOPLE were spreading the errors. But the communist government was not the thing that would spread her errors throughout the world.

It is very clear that its the Russian government that is responsible for communism and spreading its errors, not the people.

That would be like saying, you are responsible for the administration’s position on abortion. Are you? I doubt it.

Therefore “Russia spreading her errors”, is the “Russian government”. There can be no doubt about that.

Consecration of Russia means the government must be made holy and Christian.

It seems that is what is happening. The Russian Government has dropped the errors of communism and they have openly stated they will defend Christianity.

Russian Church is apostolic catholic, just not Roman. Correct?

The Russian people had no means to ‘spread her errors’. How could some town or village of people under an oppressive communist government ‘spread her errors’.

It is blatantly obvious that Our Lady of Fatima is talking about the “atheist communist government Russia” and that it must be made holy.

No doubt about it.

Historically, the term Catholic has been used to refer to those churches in communion with the Roman Catholic Church. There are Eastern Catholic Churches, but the majority religion in Russia is the Russian Orthodox Church, which does have a valid apostolic succession, but is not “Catholic” in the historical sense.

It is blatantly obvious that Our Lady of Fatima is talking about the “atheist communist government Russia” and that it must be made holy.

No doubt about it.

No dispute here, but it was also a reference to the forceful imposition of Communism in other countries (the “Eastern bloc”).

Things are getting better in Russia on some fronts (especially freedom of religion), but it’s a long road.

The Russian Orthodox Church is apostolic but us not in communion with Rome. The Orthodox would of course view themselves as Catholic and us as in schism with them. The Catholic Churches in communion with Rome number 23, the Roman Catholic Church is by far the largest of those but not the only one.

Errors can be spread by propaganda, rumour and many other methods. Just as America spreads errors also which are contrary to Church teaching.

Since there is no longer an atheist or communist government in the Russian Federation in any case the last lines of your post are moot.

It wasn’t only the “government” in the sense of the leaders only. They had a great many followers who embraced Communism. The Communist idea was expanded and practiced FIRST in Russia – it spread to China and to a lot of other places as well. Our Lady wanted the Conversion and Consecration of Russia back in the early 1900’s to prevent this spread. She even said that if Russia was not Consecrated, it would spread it’s errors, and that’s exactly what happened. Many of the common people did not like Communism, but they didn’t exactly prosper under the Tsars, either. Russia was far behind the modern world, which was why Communism took root there. Same thing occurred in China, in fact. Very few were educated, and they controlled the State in both countries. Ideas can be contagious – either for good or evil. Lack of education, some people with a belief system that puts them on top and keeps them there, and you have a recipe for a dictatorship style of government, and a lot of error. That was why Mary requested the Consecration of Russia – as a means of stopping that particular error from spreading and causing other wars. Wonder if WWII would even have occurred had she been obeyed back during WWI when she requested this consecration??? One person with the power of government behind him and some guns can control a village, a city or a country, anywhere.

Interesting thought.

Just one slight point there I’d like to clarify, the Orthodox generally do not refer to themselves as Orthodox Catholic in the west outside their own Churches or communitie as it causes much confusion but they quite prominently idenfify as Orthodox Catholic within nations whey are traditionally the majority and Russian Orthodox Catholic Church is the proper name for example of my wife’s Church. Some of the misconceptions either side have about each other can be quite funny I’ve found. Some classics include a little girl of about 6 or 7 asking why Catholics were eating biscuits at mass upon observing the Eucharist*. That was amusing and born of ignorance with no malice. More disturbing are the polemical attitudes you sometimes find amongst people on either side who are much older than that girl and should know better.

Since the Orthodox like many of the Eastern Catholics use leavened bread for the Eucharist the confusion was understandable in context.

Pax Christi!

Following this.

God bless, and Merry Christmas!!

Agreed. I am amazed that a world Super Power i.e., the Russian government, has publicly stated they will defend Christians worldwide, and defend Christian morality, while western governments are pushing atheistic and non christian values into oppressive laws.

I also have a small boy attending the Mass I normally go to, and he kept (rather loudly) asking Mommy & Daddy why he couldn’t have a “cookie” too!! He also wanted to grab the Chalice when I was giving the Cup to his parents, and said “me Kool Aid too!!!”. He’s only a bit over 2 or 3 years old, doesn’t understand yet, but had the whole congregation grinning!! (Me as well, and I was standing in front of everyone! – Looked over, and our Priest was struggling not to laugh!) Kids can be so cute, but he simply is too young to understand. That’s not malicious, it’s true innocence. Too bad, sometimes, that we lose that trait so young!


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Amen! Thank you very much! God bless you and your family and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!

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