Why did Mel Gibson leave out Jesus consoling the women in his Passion movie?

He did leave out the burial of Jesus as well, I admit, but leaving out this part disrupted the continuity of the Stations and it would have made a great statement against overpopulation myths, contraception and abortion to have had it in there.

BTW If you can find it, buy The Rosary Album. It’s a blue pamphlet. It was made by an SSPX person (I just learned it recently), but it has the 3 classic rosary mystery sets ( a picture with a Bible verse or quote from a saint for each mystery) and integrates the Stations into it! Despite the source, it’s sad it is difficult to find in most Catholic bookstores. There’s no Vatican 2 or N.O. Mass bashing in it. It’s like the Dedicated Decades magazine at philomena dot org (or com?)
I have no commercial or other connections to the makers or sellers of this pamphlet or the company or people who makes the magazine or website (except for the seller of the pamphlet, but only as a friendly acquaintance, but you can probably find it at any traditionalist Catholic bookstore or website).

You can get it here:


I’m kind of torn because, though I don’t like a lot of stuff that happens in the Church lawfully, I don’t think I should support, financially, any schismatic groups either (I don’t know if the site is made by a schismatic traditionalist group). Then again, supporting their good stuff, like going to Lord of the Rings movies (made by an abortion funder) as well as Narnia (despite the line about being there when the laws were written was not the real line Aslan says in the book–I think he says he wrote the laws, right?), made by Disney (the company being a corrupter of the youth as well as an abortion funder).

What do you think?

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