Why did Mother Angelica give up the network to lay people?

Was it simply old age or was there a fear of the bishops running the whole thing?

I believe that she had a stroke (and maybe more than one)

I believe it was also partly due to fear of liberal episcopal meddling. I think at one point she said something like “I’ll blow the whole thing up before they get their hands on it” meaning the liberal hierarchy. So, she was able to bypass the issue by making it run as a lay group outside of the jurisdiction of the diocese and religious superiors.

There was also the question on if the station was the property of the monestary or not.

It was a fear of liberal bishops running the whole thing. She made some powerful enemies in the hierarchy (e.g., Cardinal Mahony).

Ex Cardinal Mahoney :thumbsup::extrahappy:

Actually, he’s STILL a Cardinal (and still a bishop). What he is not is Ordinary of a Diocese.

I know:D

I should restate it as “he can’t mess anything more up in the RC Church” Mahoney:D

As others have stated, she became too infirm to run EWTN, for starters. But, as for running the station and the apostolate, it’s not surprising she put it into lay hands since neither the sisters nor the diocese would want the burden of running a television station. Most apostolates are run by lay people. There’s nothing unusual there. And there are priests on the board of directors, so it’s not completely devoid of religious input in the daily operations: ewtn.co.uk/aboutewtn.html.

For accurate information on Mother Angelica, please read her biography - “Mother Angelica, the Remarkable Story of a Nun, Her Nerve, and a Network of Miracles” by Raymond Arroyo published in 2005.

She turned over the Network due to her health. Mother is still alive but can not speak well due to her second and most severe stroke and cerebral hemorage in Dec., 2001.
Her programs are still on EWTN today. EWTN was instrumental in bringing me back to the Church in 2010 after more than 25 years.

She did not turn over the Network due to pressure from any Cardinals or Bishops. At one time, a few of them wanted her Network, but she did not give in. Mother Angelica is a strong woman. - It’s all in the book.

Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

I have read that book. Her health did play a role in her decision. However, it is also true that she foresaw an attempt to take over the network, and she wanted to keep it out of the hands of those who would not remain faithful to her mission.

Also, if memory serves, the stroke that deprived her of her ability to speak took place rather later than 2001.

According to the 2011 EWTN calendar, she had the severe stroke on Dec 24, 2001. She never filmed after that date. She had a lessor stroke prior to that, and understood she would not be around forever.
She decided to pass on the network under her own direction and care as her prayers lead her.
If you have better dates, let us know.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with the politics don’t you think you should be more charitable and more respectful of members of the Magisterium.

I’m not sure what their agenda is. Their inactions in many areas confuses me a lot! I don’t see a sense of urgency about anything with the bishops.

It seems far to often that the bishops have covered up sexual abuse by priests. Their stewardship of millions of dollars brings scrutiny and skepticism on them more than words can speak. They are accountable to no human, it seems.

Locally, my present bishop seems to like to hang around the diocesan center. I don’t seem him out and about among the lay catholics. He seems to be a funds raiser and funds spender.

Some of the local CSA money was supposed to be going into a 10-year program to improve adult education in the diocese, but, wouldn’t you know it, our pastor was against it! That ranks as raising money under false pretenses, if you ask me. He takes the money but doesn’t deliver what it was supposed to produce.

What did show up was a rack with CD’s on various subjects from Lighthous Catholic Media. That’s very little for 10 years worth of effort. I think the money simply went to fund some jobs at the diocesan level that have little impact out here.

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