Why did Muhammad destroy the idols

Why did Muhammad destroy the “idols” that he believed Abraham had built to worship the One, True God?

If Muhammad believed that him and Abraham were worshiping the same God, then why would he be hostile towards Abraham giving worship to the God? What was the point? And, what were these supposed “idols” and does Sacred Scripture give an account of Abraham doing this. From Genesis, the only thing I can remember was that Abraham built an altar for God.

Why was this not acceptable to Muhammad?

The Muslims believe that although Abraham originally built the Kaaba, Abraham didn’t put the idols in there. Originally there were no idols, but as the years went on and the Arabs became pagan, they put idols of their false gods in the Kaaba, and so Muhammad destroyed the idols in order to restore the Kaaba to how it was in the beginning.

^ What they said. :slight_smile:

The Kaaba was in the middle of present day Saudi Arabia which was far away from Abraham’s journey to the land that God promised him. Where did Islam got the information that Abraham went to Saudi Arabia? Islam seems to create a parallel story to the Bible of Abraham’s life in the present day Palestine, better known as the fertile crescent in ancient days.

Participants of this thread must decide which account id true and which is false.

Its made up. Plain and simple. Just like they believe the prophets (including Jesus) were muslims #FACEPALM

I remember speaking to a muslim and telling him that Jesus was actually Jewish and he denied this relentlessly and kept pressing that Jesus was only jewish “in name” but muslim by heart and prophesied Muhammad’s coming :shrug:

Islam rejects known history for a secret history just like how Mormons do with the Book of Mormon. Jesus warned us about false prophets that were to come after him.

I’ve always understood this to mean that they were “Muslims” in the sense that they “submitted to God’s Will”. I can see how there would be a language barrier in expressing that, especially if English is not their first language…

Funny you guys can believe your crazy nonsense and it is crazy but their dumb for believing theirs. They believe you guys are basically pagans cause you worship idols like the saint’s and jesus they believe jesus was only human like the jews. and they are kinda right. Easter? added to convert pagans chirstmas tree added to convert pagans. listen to how stupid you are you believe if you preform two miraculous acts your just a human but one more and your a saint? how random is that. How muslims sound to you is how you sound to any one with a brain. How can you not see jesus is just rip off off older gods and myths. Mythra Horas a bunch of indian gods bucckas the drunk greek god but whatever keep thinking your so much smarter then your brothers in the cult you two groups are like braindead peas in a pod

They sometimes say that but then why do they vehemently deny Jesus was jewish as well as all the other prophets? And then instead call them muslims?

Clearly they mean more than just one who submits to the will of God. They mean muslim as in follower of the religion of Islam. This correspond with their belief that Islam has been around since the beginning of time.

Clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about because catholics only worship God. We don’t worship idols as that is prohibited by the bible and the Church.

Well we also believe Jesus was human :slight_smile: just that we also hold true to the fact that he was divine also. What about easter? No easter is the christian celebration of the culmination of the passover at which the lamb of God was sacrificed. Its very jewish but clearly you have no theological knowledge to even discuss such. The Christmas is not anything special. Its an invention of the modern era as a marketing scheme and has no historical basis in christianity. So once again you are misinformed :shrugs:

How is that stupid? And again you are misinformed. The reason we need 3 is to have solid evidence that this person has achieved sainthood and the church can officially pronounce the person a saint with no doubt in mind. You don’t need any miraculous acts to be a saint. ALL christians who die inside the true faith become saints.

If you have any intellectual integrity you would research the stories of Horus, Mythra, indian and greeko-roman gods. You will see that none of the ACTUAL stories correspond to the story of Jesus. In fact we actually know close to nothing about the story of mythra except for one famous rock picture engraving and a few mentions about the followers of mythra. Let me help you out :

Debunking allegations of story of Jesus being a myth

This link will finally show you and people like you the truth that Jesus is NOT a copy of the ancient pagan gods. In fact to date, no serious theological and historical scholars even take note of the Christ myth theory :rolleyes:

Of course we know it hasn’t and Mohammed drew on Jewish and Christian writings and was exposed to Catholic Christians praying at various times in the day, a practice that now has been long held in the monastic tradition.

His followers, primarily Umayyids created a number of stories to use as 'truth’s in their ongoing land grabs. Mohammed’s nephew protested greatly when Arab Omar made claims about Abraham and the rock at the now present Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. They made up stories that Mohammed actually came to Jerusalem and ascended up to heaven there.

So you could rightfully say then if that were true, Mohammed ascended up to heaven next to a Catholic church.

The location of Mohammed’s rise into heaven was next to then standing St. Mary Major Justinian Church which ran from north to south. It was attacked and partially damaged by pre Islamic Persians. The Byzantines re-settled there. Then the Islamic Muslims through the Syrian Umayyids attacked the surrounding area of Jerusalem in bloody battles and finally conquered it.

Don’t even try to question Mohammed’s historical ascension with a Muslim.

The dispute between the Umayyids and Mohammed’s nephew made part of the foundation of the dispute between the Shi’as and the Sunnis’ of who is the true follower of Mohammed. They haven’t settled it yet.

Generally when Islam says someone like Moses, Noah, Jesus, etc., were “Muslims,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that Jesus literally walked around saying “I’m a Muslim” like people would today, it just means they were worshipers and followers of the one true God.

As livingwordunity said, Islam as a whole and the vast majority of Muslims follow a warped view of history which takes the Quran and reads backwards into the previous revelations. For example, they argue that the only thing Christ ever preached on was monotheism because the Quran tells them that, hence when the New Testament mentions Christ teaching other things such as his dying for the sins of his people, being on equal with the Father, etc., many of them play the “they must’ve changed the text!” card.

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