Why did Paul VI make so many rules about

Clerical dress? He discontinued the upper-arm cuffs, silver buckles on the shoes of Cardinals, silk cassocks, and tufted fascias. Why did he do this? Was it necessary?

Supposedly he preferred a noble simplicity which communicated greater humility rather than pomp and circumstance.

That’s all?

You expected something more?

I’d be asking about the Papal tiara. Some reasons, apparently, altogether more visible and important.

Say what you want about his motives, but Paul VI often comes across (at least to me) as someone who wanted reform for the sake of reform, so left nothing in the Church unchanged.

I’d disagree with that, it has been suggested that he very much struggled with approving the NO, for instance.

But he did it anyways, so he did change many things regardless if he struggled with it. It sure must have been difficult for Pope Paul as he was expected to change things, and this is probably why he struggled.

That is understandible, if I struggle with decisions usually there is something positive and negative toward that decision.

A sin would be negative because it would be evil, and positive because I would enjoy it.

Disobedience would be negative because it would be evil, positive because it could be pleasurable or advantageous.


He was Pope during a time of intense cultural change and was pressured to change things. He did stand up for truth in Humanae Vitae, yet was pressured to try and make reforms in the Church at all levels.

Maybe not all the decisions he made were wise or even good but he was the Pope, who we should respect and pray for.

God Bless

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