Why did Pope Francis give a gift to the Royal Family?

I recently read that Pope Francis had gifted the Queen of England with an elaborate gift for baby Prince George. This has been bothering me ever since because while Pope Francis has set a wonderful example for members of the Church as to how to live humbly, giving gifts to royals seems to me to subscribe to classism. The Royal Family quite obviously has no need; why give more to those who already have more than enough simply because they have a title? I would like to hear an answer from someone with more knowledge of the Church as to why actions such as this are considered acceptable. With total respect for Pope Francis, I do believe that any Church leader has a duty not to favor any person over others simply due to their social status. I cannot understand why the Pope would subscribe to politics in this way. I do not object to the idea of gift-giving entirely, but I believe that a simple gift would have been more appropriate. I am interested to hear response to this issue.

The Pope, in addition to being the spiritual head of the Church, is the civil head of Vatican City which is an independent country. When heads of state interact for an official state visit they often exchange symbolic gifts. The Queen of England is the head of state in the United Kingdom.

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