Why Did Protestants Destroy Relics?


Hatred of anything and everything Catholics do. It’s that simple. No need to put any more thought into it.


That would be a profoundly un-Lutheran thing to do. Lutherans have never been, should never be, iconoclastic.


Proof of your claim? Anything?



I think it faced much backlash. It also probably had to do with Marian devotion, though in my understanding many Lutherans still may have a devotion to Mary.


I’m not surprised it got backlash on both counts; Mary and destroying iconology.
Thanks for sharing this


The onus of proof is on those who make outrageous claims like that of having relics of the apostles.


If they couldn’t rule out the possibility that it wasn’t a relic, the least they could have done would be to treat it as any other relic of a dead person, with respect.


What’s wrong in that? If some one existed then they surely died and if they died they will have the remains…

The graves of martyrs and saints and especially apostles were marked with special symbols… So it isn’t difficult to find which grave is of whom and also tradition plays a important role here… It was not just that they would go to any random grave and declare the person buried there to be a apostle… :slight_smile:


That’s not outrageous or ridiculous at all.
The early Church especially cared about the relics of the Holy early Church founders.
This particular apostle was not only an Apostle but was a martyr who, despite hung on an x cross, preached for 2 days until death.

It’s not like we just find these things some point long afterwards (usually), but we take care of it.


Maybe. But not entirely. Eastern Orthodoxy has icons. Lutherans practice iconography. Anglicans do, as well.


On the contrary…

Mary, no matter how much these protestants disagrees with Catholic views, is still Jesus’s mother.
He had great respect for her, and loved her deeply. “Stepping” on Mary is something Satanists would do, and I am not one bit surprised to see some protestants doing it: Protestantism is not of God, it is a fruit of Satan.

Anyone can declare without a doubt that she is very saddened by these actions.

I have even seen a protestant assembly hatefully destroy a statue of St-Theresa (with the roses) with a hammer, while calling it a statue of Mary. The hate in the pastor’s eyes, the aggressiveness, the confusion and the ignorance… these actions aren’t from God.


Not quite. I have read that there are three separate places in France that claim to have the head of St John the Baptist. No suggestions of any miraculous explanation for the multiple heads, so reason would suggest that at least two of them are fakes.


Yes, but that does not
A) mean all 3 are equally legitimate
B) discredit other relics

St John the Baptist died even before Christ, and before the Church in a sense.


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