Why did the church abandon the use of the Maniple for Mass?

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Because it really doesn’t have a purpose anymore. It’s original use was like a handkerchief.

I don’t know, but it is a good lesson in what happens when something inconvenient is made optional (apparently all the priests were thrilled to see it go).

I’m sure (but cannot prove) that Dr Adrian Fortescue once stated that the maniple was the essential eucharistic vestment.
Further to which: do amices still exist?

Amices still exist. They are used to cover the priests or deacon’s collar. But many albs now are cut so that it serves the same purpose so the amice is not needed. One of our priests still wears one because the cut of his alb shows his collar.

The maniple, amice, chalice veil and burse are optional in the OF but required in the EF. Even the Altars are “dressed” differently in the two forms of the Mass.

It would be nice if more OF priest would use them, especially the cahlice veil it add so much mystery to it and what a difference it makes!

The maniple hasn’t been abandoned. It is used in the Extraordinary Rite.

The chalice veil, incidentally, symbolizes and underscores the fact that the priest is both priest and victim, as alter Christus, just like Christ was Priest and Victim. That is why (ideally, anyway) the chalice veil matches the priest’s chasuble.

I wish I knew what he meant by that.

Were priests still using it to wipe spills?

Re: OP

I really can’t figure out why we abandoned the Maniple, Chalice Veil, and Burse. People say the “do nothing”, but then again, in that sense, neither do the stole or chasuble! I wish they would be brought back into general use in the OF. I know 2 priests (one of which is my bishop :thumbsup:)that still use the maniple a lot, and the chalice veil always, but that’s only two priests.

This is my understanding also. Unlike a burse or the chalice veil, the maniple didn’t have a purpose connected to the altar or sacred vessels. The priest used it to wipe his face just you’d use your sleeve if nothing else were available.

However, I can see how the super fancy embrodered models with all the fringe, etc wouldn’t really be a good tool for that job.

The maniple is not “optional” in the EF no matter what fr. z suggests.

Thanks for this thread. Seriously. I had no idea what a ‘maniple’ is; or an amice. This got me to do a little research and now I know!

I discovered this website: www.catholicdoors.com. It has a section on Bible Studies and within that is a discussion of the vestments used by the Church. I’m not sure about the fidelity of the whole site, but the piece on the vestments was very interesting.

The Congregation for Divine Worship issued Tres Abhinc Annos which made the use of the maniple optional in 1967. That means it applies to the EF.

Make that the OF.

My apologies…

No. It might have been “optional” during the brief lifespan of the second incarnation (1967) of the “interim Missal” but that doesn’t bear on the 1962 MR. As far as I am aware, it is optional in the OF. It seems to be used at the true “reform of the reform” OF, but I’ve not encountered it otherwise.

I think you might be mistaken about the “practical purpose”. My bishop (who sometimes uses one in the OF) told me that it originally was a something like a handkerchief that affluent Romans wore tied on their arms to wipe their perspiration. It eventually evolved into a vestment that is symbolic of the sufferings that the priesthood will bring, and how he will offer them to the lord in a special way during mass. It is supposed to remind the priest of the hankerchief that will wipe away the tears and sweat from his work.

Does this help?

[added after some quick research]

Putting on the maniple is also an acceptance of the sufferings, as noted in the vesting prayers in the old rite:

Oringinal Latin:
Merear, Domine, portare manipulum fletus et doloris; ut cum exsultatione recipiam mercedem laboris.

English Translation:
Grant, O Lord, that I may so bear the maniple of weeping and sorrow, that I may receive the reward for my labors with rejoicing.

That is my understanding of its meaning as well.

What do you mean applies to the EF? We are only permitted to use the 1962 Missal, which requires the use of the maniple. We are not using the 1965, 1967, 1955 Missals or the 1570 Missal for that matter. We are required to follow all the rubrics according to the 1962 Missal-period.

I think it had something to do with the significance of a kerchief as a symbol of servanthood.

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