Why did the Pope give Communion to the Protestant Frère Roger


Why did the Pope give Communion to the Protestant Frère Roger?

Because it is said by some that he had converted to the Catholic Faith. It is also possible that he did not convert but was in a unique position in that he did not have a minister to offer him communion because of his close union with the catholic faith. And so the Pope chose to offer it to him .

That picture does not show that the Pope is giving Holy Eucharist to the Protestant (I don’t know who that guy is). It is either a chalice or ciborium and it is covered with a purificator. This to me shows that the Pope is allowing him to venerate the Blessed Sacrament and nothing more. Again I say, this picture doesn’t show the Pope giving out the Holy Eucharist. You can raise issue with why the Protestant is being allowed to touch something that has the Blessed Sacrament in it, but please don’t say that the Pope is giving the Holy Eucharist to a Protestant. This is how horrible rumors get started.

God bless!

Do you have a link to the story? I can’t tell from the photo what he is doing. I have never seen the chalice handed to someone covered like that.


Nevermind I found another article and read what happened

More than anything, hopefully this thread has given you one Catholic news source to bookmark and one to trash.

I think it has already been trashed–or deleted.

It got trashed just as I posted. Isn’t there something a Saint once said about it being easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a sede website to get past a CA moderator ?:hmmm:

It just reinforces what I tell the kids - know your websites and verify your information anytime you get something off the web.

So wait, did he receive Communion?

Yes, he did.

Correction: It was Cardinal Ratzinger who gave Frere Roger Holy Communion at the funeral of JPII. No one knew, certainly not Joseph Ratzinger, that he would be elected pope.

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