Why did the priest say today that Jesus was wrong???

I was having a hard time following part of the homily today, while trying to keep the little ones quiet, and being as it was in Spanish (not my first language); but my husband told me that the priest said that Jesus was wrong for staying at the temple, and causing Mary and Joseph to worry about where he was, and that Jesus had disobeyed, and also had replied sarcastically to them when he said “did you not know, that I must be about my father’s business?” I did hear him say that it was important to say sorry… I didn’t know he was talking about Jesus needing to say sorry. WHY would he say that Jesus was wrong and had disobeyed? Should I ask the priest about this, since I didn’t actually hear him say it myself? I really don’t even know this priest because we’ve never been to the Spanish Mass there before. I’m having a hard time believing he would say that, since we all know that Jesus did NOT sin! Any suggestions?

Well, sin is anything that opposes God’s will. So, if God wanted His incarnate self in the temple, regardless of whether it seemed like it could have been disrespectful or disobedient, then being in the temple at that time would not have been a sin. It could have been for their benefit. Maybe he wanted them to go to the temple to see what he was doing.

Also, if our parents want us to do something that we think would oppose God’s will (ie. sin), and we don’t do it because we don’t want to sin, and therefore disobey our parents, are we then still sinning? No, because (if I’m correct) the Church teaches that it is okay to disobey your parents if what they want would cause you to sin.

No one here can answer this question. The best thing to do is to ask the priest.
However, remember, you admit to be distracted, to hearing the homily in a language that is not your first language and then relied on a translation from your husband. Do you realize how unfair this is to the priest?
You are on a public forum, not yet a Catholic and asking questions regarding a priest’s homily, which none of us have heard, and asking US, why he said what he said? How would we know?? :shrug:

My suggestion, talk to your priest! Explain to him that you were distracted, and unsure if you understood what he was trying to say in his homily. If you still have questions after hearing what he has to say- ask him. Without his actual words, anything you are going to get here is pure speculation.

Whenever a pilgrimage is made to Jerusalem’s temple, it was made with the company of others who traveled together in a caravan to attend the Passover. Remember, Mary and Joseph lived up north in Galilee in Nazareth.

Don’t you think it was odd that Jesus’ parents did not miss him for a day’s journey? The reason would be that they assumed he was in the company of others who had traveled with them. There was no disobedience, but for some reason, Jesus stayed behind and held discussions of profound interest to the listeners in the temple, who were amazed at his knowledge.

This is why I refused to do any Spanish translation :slight_smile: It would be so easy for me to miss a bit, in your example, for instance, I could easily miss where the priest said, “Many think that” before he said “Christ was disobedient to His parents when He stayed…” see what I mean? It’s the little bits which sometimes trip us up.

I would totally not worry about what the priest said. You know Christ could do no wrong, so just gi with that. Let regular attenders of that Mass, who probably understand the priest better, deal with him.

I think the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen could bring better prospective in Finding Jesus in the Temple.

by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen **


Hold on, from experience I can tell you that often we find convoluted speeches in a Spanish Mass to prove a point, speeches that at first sound very strong but in the end they resolve in a “aah!” moment where everyone gets what the priest was trying to say…sort of a hyperbolic reasoning…ex. he may have tried to explain why children should not imitate this specific behavior, and maybe somewhere in the speech he added something to clarify that of course, since Jesus was God, it was a whole different story :shrug:

That’s my feeling about it. I don’t think anyone (especially not a priest) could affirm that the Lord did something wrong :smiley:

I was not at all trying to be unfair to the priest, which is why I wanted to know whether others thought I should ask him or not. But, why did you feel the need to state that I’m not yet Catholic? What does this have to do with my question? The real question I had was whether I should ask him or not, but as to why he said that… I hoped that maybe someone had heard something similar and possibly knew the why.

I was also hoping that there was the “Many think that” part you mentioned. I agree with you though that I should let others “deal with him” that know him better, which is why I wondered if it would be appropriate for me to ask him; but I do think I will ask him for clarification for my husband’s sake and mine.

I do hope that is the case and that I just missed to “aah!” moment. I still think I will ask him though.

Thank you everyone! :slight_smile:

If the priest was really saying that Jesus’s staying behind and his response to Mary were signs of childishness, then he needs to read a good scriptural commentary, because he totally missed Luke’s point of the story.

The only reason why Jesus is wrong in any aspect of religious discussion is because he represents God’s mistake causing Sin.

Remember that our Father is pure light and he made a mistake in his light creation that caused Sin to actualize, forming a solid state instead of a light state.

Jesus therefore demonstrated to us that he had to become mortal as the Sin for God our Father so that we could be created, healed by living a life of Sin and are naturally forgiven because our Father himself caused Sin to be created. This is what Jesus represents, our own consciousness of light.

This is why Father stated that the burden of his mistake was given to his loss of light and our created selves already forgiven for the many evil acts we would become as a human being because the Christ was his own sacrifice/choice.

Father is only stating his truth, he made a mistake in light and he chose the way in which we would be created and healed to return to Heaven’s light as his spirit from Earth. This is why we were already forgiven as the Christ path because we obviously have no choice in the manner into which we are born, and some of us are naturally born a lower and more evil consciousness because of Father’s mistake.

As humans and following consciousness, of which the Christ represented we will always make mistakes, but also need to remember that our Father will give us spiritual guidance even when we chose not to listen.

God does not make mistakes. He is all good, all knowing, all powerful and unchanging.

Absolutely NOT! God gave us a free will to choose to obey Him or to choose not to obey Him. That is where sin came into being, by a choice not to obey. He said that He “saw all the things that he had made, and they were very good.” VERY good… there is no room for a mistake in there. Love isn’t love if it is forced, so He gave us the ability to choose love, to choose Him who IS Love.

Of course he made a mistake, if we came from light and are not in light but are made manifest, then naturally the Creator himself, Light made a mistake…seeing he is our Father we are meant to be in light.

Love is the God self, and this is in LIGHT…we choose love or not, but we are NOT LOVE.

Love is ONLY FELT by us, it is not created by us, as it ONLY LIVES IN LIGHT and is guided to us from Father through our life lessons.

You seem to think that God is perfect, yet we deny this statement is a truth because a perfect being would NEVER condone suffering…and although Father suffers with us as he watches over our spiritual sanctions, he would never agree to an EGO statement that he is perfect.

Absolutely I think God is perfect! And God does says so Himself: Matthew 5:48 “Be ye therefore perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” God does not “condone” suffering, but He permits it… it is a result of sin which we chose by our disobedience.

Please do not pay his posts any attention. They do not accurately reflect what the Church teaches. I suggest you tell father you didn’t understand him and would like him to explain what he said. If you are still confused ask politely for clarification or ask one of the apologists on this forum. Hearing and understanding what father is saying is hard enough for me when I’m trying to keep the kids in line (pews need to come with 5 point restraints :D) and I don’t have to deal with a language issue.

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