Why Did They Destroy 3,000 Crosses?


This is urgent. After midnight on January 25, vandals attacked a pro-life exhibit of 4,000 crosses at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Approximately 3,000 crosses were destroyed.

They burned them. They broke them. They stole them. They defaced them.

President of LSU Students for Life Mary Higdon said: "over the weekend, people stole and burned clusters of crosses, spelled out 'pro-choice' in broken crosses, spray painted part of the exhibit and placed hangers - an old symbol of illegal abortion - on the grass."

(The Daily Reveille, January 25).

Will you please join me in contacting the president of LSU, urging him to take immediate action against this outrage? If we don't, things will get much worse. The message is ready to go.

[JUST CLICK HERE TO SIGN YOUR PETITION.]("http://www.tfp.org/sendstudio/users/link.php?LinkID=161&UserID=106152&Newsletter=51&List=6&LinkType=Send") It only takes a few seconds.

According to *The Washington Times*, "a campus police officer saw five persons removing some crosses from the public space early Monday morning, but did not immediately report the individuals." Pro-life students are terribly upset. They should be.

If you care, please join me in sending a clear message to the president of LSU. This sacrilegious attack against God must stop. I am also asking students from 375 college campuses affiliated with TFP Student Action to sign this petition. Anybody can sign. You don't need to be college student to sign. 

Feel free to forward this message to your friends.

Thank you for your help and devotion. Please act now.


John E. Ritchie
TFP Student Action, director
[www.TFPStudentAction.org ]("http://www.tfp.org/sendstudio/users/link.php?LinkID=162&UserID=106152&Newsletter=51&List=6&LinkType=Send")


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