Why did you invite me?

I became a Catholic at the age of 18 from nothing. No religious or Christian background. It has been the most amazing choice I made in my life. I truly love the Church. However (recently), I find myself wondering when I see the Faithful at Sunday Mass, why did y’all invite me, if we are never going to do anything?

What I mean is, I joined the Church for shared mission. I joined the Church for shared purpose. I do NOT see that now. I’ve been to Churches everywhere in the U.S. and I see kind, good-hearted people, but I do not see evangelization. I see a lot of people looking down in prayer, but nobody is looking up to evangelize the next generation of Catholics. What do you suggest I do? Please advise. Thank you.


Be the change you want to see in the world.

I get it though, our faith journey can be difficult when it seems the faithful are too far in between and too battle worn or too naive. God bless you though.


Start an evangelisation ministry. But remember the Catholic way is more subtle. I think we prefer good action over good words.


They are there. Sometimes people are waiting for the opportunity, but hesitate to take the first step ( that would describe me). Not knowing your parish and you, it is hard to make recommendations. Here is what we did at our parish.

  • Talked to our priest about setting up a small sharing group for this purpose
  • Invited those we knew or thought would share this goal (started with 5 people)
  • Started meeting every other week: at first to share what opportunities we had to share our faith, later what specific actions we can and would take to take it a step forward
  • We continue to this day.

Precisely! Talk is cheap, but a picture is worth a thousand words. The example of a devout Catholic life, humbly and altruistically lived, is far more valuable than any amount of haranguing, debate and Scripture-quoting.


Thank you for your feedback. It was very helpful!

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If you’re talking about the actual Mass, you will see people looking down in prayer. Mass is not “evangelistic” in the sense that you would experience in a protestant-type church service. From what I’ve experienced, the Catholic evangelism takes place outside of the actual Mass.


As a cradle Catholic (Catholic from birth), becoming Catholic was the best decision I never made!

Have you ever heard that little joke? Well, I think because of that, it’s hard to see a need to evangelize. We take our faith for granted. You are blessed to see the need for evangelization.

But I’m not quite clear if you are looking for more socializing too?

It is likely that this provokes you because you are called to evangelize. Rather than focusing on others who may not be called in this way, focus on preparing yourself for this great work. Study, pray, and learn from those who also have this gift.


I think for many people, Mass is the place we worship God, not look for social or societal connections. When I attend Mass, I focus on the Eucharist, communal prayer, and learning about the faith. I don’t know if your visits involved more interaction than Mass, but my guess is that many parishes build connections through their service organizations. The Knights of Columbus, Habitat for Humanity, Catholic Relief Services, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Holy Rosary Society, and many more organizations are indeed working in shared purpose. Seek out these organizations and join one.


No only by words but by witness (alms, prayer, and fasting).


905 Lay people also fulfill their prophetic mission by evangelization, “that is, the proclamation of Christ by word and the testimony of life.” …


@Jake 1968 , one suggestion is to start evangelizing by the life you live.

Attributed to St Francis of Assisi - - - - - - - - -


FIrst of all, you don’t need a group to “evangelize” people. Many of us are doing quiet evangelization of some sort in our daily life, whether we’re specifically trying to convert a relative or friend or just witnessing by trying to openly live our faith.

Second of all, the main reason people go to Mass is to see Jesus, not to have a “shared mission” with you. Your statement sounds like you expect people to be paying attention to you when they’re there to pay attention to the Lord. Also, you’re talking about prayer like it’s some sort of negative thing. It’s not - it’s very powerful and people may very well be “evangelizing” by praying for souls and for conversions.

Third of all, if you do want to join an evangelization group, did you look around your parish or diocese for one that you could join or help with? There are such groups and ministries out there. Maybe you could even start one if you can’t find the one you want.

It would be more productive for you to actually seek out something you could help with, rather than just complain about people at Mass. Some of us don’t feel called to join in this type of evangelization mission with you, or we are not from a practical standpoint able to do it. People are called to different things. Don’t be judgmental if others don’t have the same priority as you.


Way to hit me with a lead pipe! :slight_smile: Thank you! That’s the “fire” I’m looking for!! Thanks for the inspiration!

You see, I was doing a little “baiting” as well with my question. Your answer was the one I was looking for.

Charitable, yet stern and direct. Nice.

No judging here, and I was “prayed” into the Church, so I’m very aware of the apostolic reach of prayer. Also, I did start one. An international organization, and it is that experience that has given me a zeal for the “boots on the ground” mission of the Church. Great stuff though. Thanks again!


Thanks for taking the answers in good grace. None of us would like to see you leave the church over our answers. :slight_smile:


Most parishes have a religious education program for children and teens. Many also have youth groups.Having myself been involved in them I can tell you they never have enough help and much of the "education"is actually evangelization, especially with teens. Many never had their Faith explained to them and when they run into others in school are shaky on what they believe and why. A young adult who is knowledgeable and can explain in their terms what Catholics believe can be much more influence than the old fogeys who normally teach those classes.


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http://streetevangelization.com may be of interest to you

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I evangelize with my wife and children. I am not going to start holding up my arms and sway back and forth in church.

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There is all kinds of missionary work happening, all over the world. Grab a backpack and a plane ticket, and get out there and do some good!

That may be the best quote I’ve ever seen.

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