Why didn't God inspire prophets in the Americas during 1500 years?

Specifically, why did God use Europeans – themselves infected with sexually transmitted diseases – to educate indigenous people in Central America, South America, and North America about the moral imperative for strict monogamy?

The indigenous people weren’t infected until the Europeans brought the diseases. It looks as though Christianity was a cultural adaptation to an invisible part of the environment.

The indigenous people might have initially thought that it was merely a strange custom. However, perhaps they should have compared strict monogamy as a moral and religious imperative with an enormous bomb shelter. In a world with enormous bomb shelters, there may be extremely powerful bombs. In this case, the bombs are invisible pathogens.

Enormous bomb shelters – although not themselves frightening – should be a signal that there is something extremely dangerous that we need to be aware of.

Do you think that STD’s were unknown in the Americas before the Europeans came? That would be incorrect.

Is there a Mormon implication here? Just curious…

The Europeans brought Smallpox to America. The indigenous Americans provided the Europeans with STD’s which they brought to Europe. The sculptures in Italian seaport cities such as Genoa featured people with ugly faces in recognition of the diseases brought there by sailors.

There are evidences of early civilizations in the Americas, thousands of years before the Europeans or the Chinese arrived. It appears that most of the early American civilizations were focused on human sacrifice.

Are you sure you mean to say “prophets”??

Why did God pick such a poor out of the way place … Israel.

Why not Persia?

Why not China?

Some diseases long thought to have been spread to the Native Americans by Europeans actually originated in Africa and were taken from Africa to South America by seals . . .

Well China, while large itself, is kind of out of the way, not making contact with India. As the Silk Road went both ways, a Western country would be more suited the task of being connected. Persia, while large, conquered lands to bring itself to the center of the world. Israel, by contrast was pretty much near the point where people would trade through. Getting from Africa to Egypt, Israel is close. Asia to Europe, Israel is close to Asia Minor and has seaports. It’s one of the reason so many kingdoms conquered that region of the Fertile Crescent. Not to mention that when it came time for Christianity to spread, Israel was part of Rome, which really facilitated transit.

No, I was attempting to communicate an idea, and I would appreciate assistance is selecting appropriate words to communicate that idea. Every choice that I make in attempting to formulate an idea in words is potentially an error. Furthermore, even the idea itself could be seriously flawed.

What about the meaning or connotations of the word “prophets” makes it appear to stand out as inappropriate in the context of the other words? Are there any alternative word choices that come to mind in order to express the concept that you would be expecting if the title were to be transformed by replacing the word “prophets” with a blank?

Why didn’t God inspire _________ in the Americas during 1500 years?

Now, in the body of a message, there is more space than was available for the title of a thread:

Why didn’t God inspire ___________ in the Americas during the period of approximately 1500 years from the birth of Christ to the arrival of Europeans in the Americas?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Well, historical perspective greatly depends on who’s talking. :slight_smile:
Some would say that God did inspire the Franciscans and the Conquistadors to spread Catholicism to people whose own faith they didn’t comprehend and who never heard of Christ. Growing up as a descendant of those people, and growing up with Native Americans, both groups are at peace for the most part. I remember running into a Navajo woman very far from where we both grew up and I said something like Ii’m sorry" and she said, no worries. We’re over it.

Sometimes I think it’s good to not forget the past, but realize that mistakes were made by people in most places in the globe, and we learn from them, hopefully. I mean, look at the English. They still can’t put what they did to Irish in the past, and the Irish are loathe to forgive them as well. :shrug:

Prophets has a connotation of new revelation, hence its problems. Missionaries, evangelists, that’s what I’m guessing you mean, no?

I am what has been in the United States historically been called a mixed blood that is, someone is both American Indian and European descent. I hope you do know that American Indians also brought sexually transmitted diseases to Europe as well it wasn’t just a one-sided thing. I feel like you’re telling me I shouldn’t exist because of my mixed-race Heritage do you know what that’s called? That is called racism. Did SOME Europeans do something’s wrong? Yes, and so did some Aboriginal people. I don’t see how you can judge the entire group of people based on the actions of a few that is called racism. Or prejudice, if you like. I hope that was not your intention to come across that way.

Maybe Europeans coming over to America was just bad news for the Indians. They were always trying to protect their land against encroachment by the people coming from the other side of the ocean. I have often wondered how these people thought they had a right to push the Indians off onto reservations and of course there was once “the trail of tears.”

Then we get into slavery. A prophet would have warned against it. A prophet, probably like Moses. That is a real bad mark among a civilization that thought they were so blessed they could do anything they wanted to do with other human beings.

Now we have abortion. Point made? Again the thought that other human beings don’t matter. There have been prophets, I am sure, but the influentials just won’t listen.

Imagine that your father had first one wife and then an additional wife, and you were born from the additional wife. You have half-brothers and half-sisters from your father’s first wife. He wouldn’t have divorced his first wife, but his culture and the law in his society permit him to have two wives.

Now, in that imaginary scenario, would an advocate of monogamy be telling you that you shouldn’t exist?

I should mention that the “imaginary scenario” is imaginary only for you. For others, it is reality. For example, there is Izzeldin Abuelaish, author of the book I Shall Not Hate. Interestingly, on page 28 he wrote, “Some believe that Islam allows men to marry one, two, three, even four wives, something I don’t agree with, but still something that is controlled by the needs and norms of the culture.”

Skipping a bit, but still on the same page, it says …

“No matter my father’s opinion, his extended family obviously preferred his first wife, and we were treated like strangers, looked”

Continuing on page 29:

“upon as the sons and daughters of the foreign woman. Even though we all lived in the same neighborhood, even though my father provided for both families, we were the ones who were punished.”

This sums up the entire issue. There are prophets all around us in every age, and there certainly were inspired prophets during those 1500 years. But prophets are dismissed and ignored. If Jesus Himself were to be incarnated today, He wouldn’t even be noticed. The function of a prophet is to point out truths that no one wants to hear. That’s why questions like “Why didn’t God do thus and so?” are simply foolish nonsense. The question isn’t why God doesn’t speak. It’s why humans don’t listen.

A Mormon explained to me that Jesus walked across the ocean using His ability to walk on water. Thus, it is at least possible that Jesus had disciples in the Americas more than a thousand years before Columbus crossed the Atlantic.

I suppose you might ask why Jesus would visit the Americas. Why not? If He was all-knowing, then he knew where the Americas where, and he knew that they were inhabited with beings He had created in His own image.

Sounds legit.

I read a very interesting book, Peace Child, the story of missionaries to the Sawi tribe of New Guinea.
“God gave Don and Carol the key to the Sawi hearts via a redemptive analogy from their own mythology. The “peace child” became the secret to unlocking a value system that had existed through generations. This analogy became a stepping-stone by which the gospel came into the Sawi culture and started both a spiritual and a social revolution from within.”

As I recall, the peace child was a small child given to a rival tribe as a symbol of peace. Sometimes the child did create peace, sometimes the cannibal tribes ate him.
The missionaries were able to explain Christ’s coming in terms the tribes could relate to, as a peace child from God.
They state that all societies have some kind of myth or custom that can be used to bring Christ to them.

I don’t think Christ walked across the ocean to bring faith to the Americas, any more than he walked to China. He sent his disciples throughout the world.


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