Why didn't God inspire prophets in the Americas during 1500 years?

You are making a very wild assumption. You are assuming all European immigrants were Christian.

Besides that your whole bomb-shelter routine is a dramatic simplistic poetic exaggeratory exercise which should belong in the pages of romantic novels, rather than the pages of history.

I would expect him to say that.

We know that didn’t happen.
Ever heard of St. Brendan the Navigator?

I don’t see that assumption anywhere.

Where some people throw stones, there is a community with a strong tradition that teaches them “don’t live in a glass house.”

Both kinds of people travel across the ocean, and arrive in a land where many houses are made of glass. A catastrophe of disease occurs at the destination. Broken glass is everywhere. What happened? A vulnerable population was suddenly exposed to two things: stone throwers, and the secret formula for living safely in an environment that includes stone throwers.

The people who have a rule “don’t live in a glass house” are analogous to Christians. Adhering to that rule doesn’t make you guilty of yourself throwing stones.

Of course, there is merely an analogy here. People who spread disease might not even be aware that they are infected with the disease, while people who throw stones know that they are throwing stones. However, cultural practices have consequences, and the consequences might be unforeseen. AIDS in Africa is no longer newsworthy, but the problem persists. Prevention is better than cure, especially if there is no cure. Reality has no undo button.

Or what we could do is learn a little social studies, interpret it in a black and white injustice which has to be righted, and then find the blame and bring them to retribution, and since they no longer are living, it was after all over 500 years ago, we could instead project it onto organizational structures.

Welcome to the world of pc.

In the world of personal computers (“pc”), there is an undo button. :wink:

I commend you on your witticism.

Now having done the curriculum at high school and moving onto higher education what does one do when they roulette and get an std? Are they going to also blame historical migration? Of course not. So the proposition you present can only ever exist at the high school level.

You could say that any two people are playing Russian roulette when they get married, unless both parties have been tested for sexually transmitted diseases, and the results of the tests of each party have been disclosed to the other party.

Furthermore, it is possible for a faithful spouse to be infected by a spouse who will commit adultery during the marriage. It is possible for a faithful spouse to be infected by a spouse who will be sexually assaulted by an infected individual during the marriage.

On what basis do you identify the transition from high school to higher education as being significant in this thread? I don’t see how you reach your conclusion that the proposition can exist only at the high school level. Isn’t it possible for somebody to remain celibate until after completing a Ph.D. and then play Russian roulette by having sex that violates monogamy?

Roulette is really just a game of choice. It does not have to be played, and the honesty box should be easily accessible in any relationship which is going to last. Yes, sadly, often it isn’t and relationships have become consumables, disillusion can arise, mistrust can be the norm. It really comes down to how much we are prepared to hurt others.


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