Why didn't he want them to spread the word

there are several miracles that jesus performed but didn’t want the people to tell others what he had done

when the demons knew who he was, he muted them so that they wouldn’t say who he was

when he asks his disiples to say who they think he is peter says the christ, then jesus tells him not to tell anyone …

in other cases he tells people to spread the word, but in some he doesn’t

what’s the distinction and why doesn’t he want them to spread the word

Jesus knew that he would be crucified but he did not want it to happen until he had a chance to preach the Gospel. This is the reason for his secretiveness.

yeah but he told some to go on and preach and not others
and if he wanted his message to be preached wouldn’t he have told them all to go and tell everyone what he had done for them

or no one.

If they had spoken about this incident then they would have all been arrested and executed for treason.

Jesus had just told Peter that he would possess the keys. This was a political statement. The keys to the kingdom were given by the king to his prime minister. Saying, “You will hold the keys to the kingdom” was a statement that they would be the prime minister. Isaiah 22:15-25 speaks of the politics of a prime minister and keys to the kingdom.

That is how the roman authorities would have understood Jesus words, as an establishment of a kingdom and an appointment of a prime minister. This was not allowed under the emperor and would have been an act of treason.

It says that Jesus strictly orders them not to tell anyone.


As others have said, with respect to the disciples, it’s because he didn’t want to be either executed before the time came (before his hour was fulfilled) or else proclaimed a king. The Gospels make reference to both. Furthermore, Mark most emphatically brings out this idea of the “messianic secret,” i.e. that Jesus kept his identity as the Messiah hidden but gradually revealed it as time went on, so that the Crucifixion and Resurrection would be the culmination of all that he’d taught.

As for the demons, Jesus likely silenced them when they’d reveal his name for two primary reasons: 1) Calling someone’s name indicates you have control over them, and he was deflecting any demonic claims of dominion over himself and/or 2) The demons were not worthy to proclaim who Jesus was, and coupled with the above reason about the messianic secret–he was to be revealed on his terms, not those of the demonic powers.


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