Why didn't my prayer work?


Jesus promised that if I asked in His name, anything is possible. But after sincerely prayed to Jesus, nothing happened. Correct me if I am wrong. Do I need to pray for my patron saint to intercede on my behalf? Does it mean I cannot pray to Jesus directly myself? I am confused.


I think you’ll find He gives you what you need, not what you want.

When my spouse passed away, I used that phrase. Confident was I that I could bring dear spouse back to life. I had no doubts.

Didn’t work out, and it took years to realize He gave me what I needed.



Jesus will only give you what is for your salvation. Jesus’s role and goal was salvation of mankind. If you ask Jesus for something and it won’t help your salvation it won’t be granted. For ex. Asking for a Jesus to give you a girlfriend when that girl won’t help you get to Heaven…


Not anything is possible except if you ask for the Holy Spirit. That verse has to be read with other lines in the Bible. Only if it is according to the will of the Father and the request does not contradict the attributes of God.


Jesus is the savior, God is the creator, Holy Spirit is the santifier… although they are all God and their roles overlap


I did prayed for a miracle which can increase my faith a hundred fold. Is it not for my salvation? Now my faith in God is heavily crushed!


My prayer did not contradict the attributes of God. I prayed for a miracle from God so that the person can be happy. Let that person understand the mercy of God. Also, at the same time increase my faith in Him. Do I need to pray through intercession of saints next time? Nevermind, its over now.


Okay then. Do not give up in prayers. It is in God’s time.

God bless.


Faith and trust grow the more you pray… a priest and nun pray about six to 7 times a day… don’t stop praying… don’t feel crushed… change your perspective


You can’t pray for a hundred fold of trust and then stop praying the next day… trust is something that can be tested and grow and mature… God test our faith and wants us to grow our faith like a mustard seed


Perhaps God saw that the miracle you prayed for would not make the person happy, and/or would not let that person understand His mercy, and/or would not increase your faith in Him. I know this is difficult to get one’s head around sometimes, but things we see as objectively good may not be seen by the Lord as good for you (or the people we pray for, as the case may be). Nevertheless, God knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows what each one of us truly needs, so while we may ask for anything, we will not necessarily get what we request. He will, however, give us what we truly need. Trust Him to do exactly that.

God bless :slightly_smiling_face:


Our distress or disappointment from unanswered prayers or other difficulties are trials that we have to endure but we can offer these disappointments up for souls. You can even offer it up for the person you prayed for. We won’t always understand God’s ways or timing, but I think we can trust in the bigger picture it will be for a greater good even if it doesn’t seem that way for the time being.

Keep praying for the person in question.


@UpUpAndAway @Ardent_Fire Maybe next time I should pray to a saint to intercede for me. Maybe my prayer does not reach God if I did it myself.


What I do know is that prayer doesn’t go to waste. I keep praying for members of my family to return to the faith, but by their free will I don’t know if they will. But I’ll keep praying anyway as I know the prayer will be applied to other souls if they choose not to convert.

St. Monica prayed for her son St. Augustine for years before things finally changed. I admired her persistence and made her my confirmation saint.


Nothing is impossible for God. He does not need the saints’ intercession to hear your prayers. It is good to request the intercession of the saints, but understand that doing so doesn’t guarantee you will receive what you ask for. Again, trust Him to know your true needs and the true needs of those you pray for. He may grant your request, but at a later time. Or He may give you something else entirely. Persevere in your prayers in all circumstances, and know that you and your intentions are remembered in mine.


Dude! I know what you’re going through! So, think about it. Jesus prayed with great anxiety that he might avoid being crucified, then he ended with, “Not my will but thy will be done.” Asking in his name means asking that what he wants will be done. You’re asking the Father to do what you ask not because it’s what you want, but because it’s what his Son wants. Right?

So, pray that he will show you what’s best for you, and when he does, pray that he gives you that. Also, understand that he waits for the right time to give you what’s best. Make sense?


If you are giving up so easily or so disappointed, it seems likely that it is YOU that need your faith and trust deepened. So God may not answer your prayer in the way you want right now so that you keep praying and thus come to conform better with His will.
God answers all prayers in one of three ways: Yes, No, Wait.


If it is God’s will He will do whatever He wants anyway so why bother praying in the first place?


Watch this video.


Because it’s his will we trust him. His apostles asked him, “Lord, increase our faith!” Seeing him teach us what he wants for us and then give us what he wants for us increases both our wisdom and faith. That’s a good thing! Right?

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