Why do a lot of Protestants hate Catholics?

I’m not saying anything against protestants, but you have to admit many of them dislike catholics immensly. Why is that? Do we do anything to persecute them or something?

Please read this…it’s long but you probably won’t be completely offended until you read it all. Courtesies of Brother Harry of the Landover Baptist Church.

I don’t think they hate Catholics, but many do seem to have a great disdain for our faith.
I’m sure they must be given the benefit of the doubt, and it is, for most, out of sincere concern coupled with mis-information that leads them to come so aggressively after the CC.
Nominal protestants don’t care about the CC, but the hard core ones (Chick, White, et al ) gotta make you wonder…

There was quite a lot of political/dynastic turmoil a few centuries back along doctrinal lines.

If you are not familiar with the history of the 30 years war it is an interesting and very sad read.

Some sects never got over that mindset.

I guess part of setting yourself apart form the other guy means putting him down.
“I didn’t want to play with your Church anyhow!”

A shame really.

"Original sin was obviously a set-up. God is omnipotent and all-knowing. He therefore knew Eve was going to nibble on that fruit before He ever created Adam and Eve. God wanted them out of Heaven. After all, there was no Irish Spring, Right Guard or Close-up back then, so you can imagine how unpleasant humans would have become had they populated what was intended to be Utopia.

God told Adam he and his plaything could eat any fruit in the garden except the fruit from one tree, which God then enticingly described as the tree of knowledge. How could anyone resist? When Eve bit into it, God feigned surprise and anger and expelled these unpleasant beings from His home, and sent them to a place where all sorts of horrible things were destined to happen to them, thus providing hours of sci-fi entertainment.

Of course, knowledge doesn’t come from the fruit of a tree. That was all a ruse. Once Adam and Eve were out of His hair, God had no need to prohibit the consumption of fruits and vegetables any further." -Brother Harry

sob i wonder how many innocent souls he has misguided so far

The Catholic Church claims to be the apostolic church founded by Christ. It is either Christ’s Church or the work of Satan. It can’t be anything in between. Jesus gave everyone the same choice. He was either the Christ or a criminal worthy of execution.

i’m sorry but this guy brother harry is really getting me upset and i can’t get over him…it would be funny if i wasn’t catholic…

The garden of Eden was not Heaven. This is explicit in the Bible. Once the apple was eaten, Adam and Even knew sin. It was truly the tree of knowledge. It’s hard not see how they could resist because we live in a fallen state.

As for God knew what would happen - that is correct. God can bring good out of evil. Without being expelled from the Garden we could never have the potential of reaching Heaven.

Know the truth and it will set you free. Once you begin to understand the fullness of truth held by the Catholic Church, these people will cease to bother you.

I’m a head clerk (manager) at a local subsidiary of Kroger. As I was sitting at the tables outside and having a smoke break, some kids came up and were sitting down waiting for a ride home from school. The kids displayed the usual Fundamentalist ignorance of Church history, i.e. claiming that the Catholic Church was founded by “Pope Constantine” (they got the position of emperor and Pope confused, which is another usual Fundy mistake) and the Roman Emperor. One kid asked the other if Catholics were Christian, and he said ‘no, they descend from the Pagans.’. I couldn’t say anything because they were customers and free to believe what they wish, but I did give them a pretty dirty look and told them that they should at least be respectful of other faiths even if they don’t agree with them.

This type of hatred doesn’t come from the kids themselves, but from their upbringing and their Church Sunday School teachers and pastors. What was ironic is that the kid that was making all these claims answered one kid “how do you know so much?” he claimed “I know a lot about Church history”.

I read this link, and the pages that were on the same site, and I retched…

Apparently, confession came about by priests raping altar boys…


Isn’t it?! Especially that one about the priests kissing their scarfs…other scandals were never as popular as the Catholic Church one. People are just out there waiting for something to make the Church look bad.

Landover Baptist is a spoof site. I have edited some posts and deleted others…

There are plenty of real anti-Catholics out there spouting their vitriol.

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