Why do all these Stigmatist events only happen in this one Church?

I continue to be perplexed as to why do only these Stigmatist only happen in this one Church? Of course they are fake?

I am going to assume you mean the Church as a whole rather than a specific location, or any other denomination. In that case, I’ll direct you to here:

Do protestants get the stigmata?

You might have to go to the bottom to get to the point, but it somewhat addresses the… possibility of such events. Hope it helps.

Assuming you mean the Catholic Church as a whole not a single parish the answer is simple. Christ founded One Holy Apostolic and Catholic Church. This is The Roman Catholic Church and other Rites (such as Eastern Catholics) in communication with Rome. Sometimes people need reminding of this and miracles and genuine stigmatists are said reminders. If God granted real miracles and stigmatists to other religions and denominations, He would be contridicting Himself. As God is truth itself He can not and will neither contridict himself or lead people away from Catholicism (His Church) by doing so.

i went to that site listed above & found no cases of protestants getting the stimata… but have to admit i didn’t read all posts

i think that all truly devout Christians have the “stigmata” as in: wounds that come from following Christ. When you follow christ you are at odds w/ the world that doesn’t love HIm so of course you are going to have wounds, most of which nobody really sees… (or so it seems)

its just that some have physical ones & some not so physical

If you follow Jesus & do whatever he says you are going to be persecuted and hated & you are not always going to be a happy camper, to say the least. In some ways that kind of thing may be worse than the physical stigmata… :confused: although i have heard Padre Pio suffered greatly (phsyically…) from his stigmata. Now that i think about it, his is an interesting case cuz i heard he spent a short time in Purg… so apparetnly not all who get the stigmata are ready to go directly to Heaven. I wonder how it is that some get it & some don’t:confused:

=Wildkit;7294719]I continue to be perplexed as to why do only these Stigmatist only happen in this one Church? Of course they are fake?

Dear friend in Christ.

THAT is a very VALID point:)

However when using “Catholic terms” as this Forum includes MANY non-catholis s well as formr catholics:( , you may wish to consider explaining what your talking about?:o


Can you expand on this? Are you suggesting that no miracles occur outwith the Catholic Church? That has not been my experience.

distracted- I thought it mentioned a few, but I was only breezing through it myself.

According to wikipediashudder the Warao of the Orinoco Delta may have marks that are similar and similar marks are shown in Buddhist art.

According to Bernard Ruffin, Elsie Nilsson Gjessing, a Swedish Lutheran woman had the stigmata until her death. I apologize for the long link. Alternatively, goggle search the Elsie Gjessing.

I meant that no genuine and visible miracles like St. Padre Pio’s stigmata or the Miracle of The Sun at Fatima were ever granted to non-Catholic religions. What were your experiences?

My question to myself is, if all these seemingly miracles that have occurred, why don’t I see them in my fellow non-Catholic churches? Is someone ( heaven forbid,……… my Lord?)……, trying to tell me something? There are x number of beliefs according to whomever I heard best last Sunday. What do I do? And possibly like other’s, I am more convinced what I see these days, maybe like Thomas…………

Do I seemingly remember something about my Lord’s one Church? Help please!

PS: I went to another website that I got from another post last night, but I am unable to attach it as the site is seemingly overloaded, so I will see if it becomes available soon.

Our Lord’s One True Church? Perposterous… then there was “Thou art Peter”. But it’s not like there were any recent miracles… miracles… Like Fatima? Oh, right. Nothing like a bit of orthodox Catholic beliefs mixed with sarcasm to lighten the mood!:smiley:

"I believe in God the Father Almighty, Creater of Heaven and Earth… I believe in the Holy Ghost The Holy Catholic Church]the Communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sins the Ressurection of the body and life everlasting. Amen.

Just in case anyones unsure (I feel a moral obligation to type this) I was being sarcastic. There is enough Biblical evidence (Thou art Peter…) and miracles like those at Fatima to support the One, Holy, Apostolic Catholic Church.

Funny one! [sarcastic and a bit angered] If God were to choose someone to receive the stigmata, it is to make others realize that He is present in their lives. And in doing so, that those who receive it, and the direct contact with our Lord, will be compelled to become Catholic and piously religious, and spread the good word that He does indeed exist.

Thank you for explaining.
My experience is that there are many documented miracles and healings outwith the Catholic Church.
I am not persuaded that the Lord limits his goodness and signs to only those who have the fullness of faith. He works in mysterious ways.

Would you mind giving a couple specific and documented examples, please?

I wonder why saints got stigmata on their hands and not on their wrists? If they were sent by god, then wouldn’t he send them on the right place where Jesus was crucified (according to the shroud of Torin and roman history)

=braidwood;7295023]Can you expand on this? Are you suggesting that no miracles occur outwith the Catholic Church? That has not been my experience.

Friend, I am unaware of aything that supports your claim. WOULD YOU PLEASE supply evidence of certiiable miracles outside of the CC. THANK YOU:)

God Bless you!

Well, there have been cases on non-Catholics having stigmata - I can think of an Anglican and a Baptist off-hand. It is, however, a Western phenomena - it isn’t seen in the Eastern Church.

Also, there has been a fair bit of scientific inquiry, and the consensus is that the stigmata can appear spontaneously, though of course they have been people who are fakes.

Hi! I believe you may be referring to the Saints of the Catholic Church. Saints in the Catholic Church tend to suffer more than the Orthodox Saints and so are rewarded with the gift of the Stigmatic. We have alot of recorded cases of Catholic Saints who have received the Stigmatic the most recent St.Padre Pio, however I must point out there are some Orthodox Saints who have also received this gift. The Orthodox Saints who have received it are not well known so therefore they are not known in the West. I wish I can give you some of their names. I was just talking recently to another Orthodox who stated that yes some Orthodox Saints have received the Stigmatic but they are not well known to the whole Church. I hope soon I can give you more information on which Orthodox received the Stigmatic. Catholic Saints tend to be more devoted towards the contemplation on the Passion of Our Lord and more often then not suffer tremondously during their life on earth. Some of them are rewarded the gift of the Stigmatic. Orthodox Saints tend to receive the gift of the Transfiguration and receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit in such a way where they can enlighten someone which such tremondous ease and simplicity. We can recall St.Seraphim of Russia one of the greatest enlighted Saints of the Orthodox Church. But some Orthodox Saints do imitate their Catholic brethren in their sufferings and have acheived sanctity in quick fashion. Usually the Saint of the Orthodox Church will go through a process of enlightment that may take some time and therefore many of the Orthodox Saints who have gone through this route will become much older and tend to be like a spiritual grandmother or grandfather. Very wise indeed.The Transfiguration or Enlightment period takes time yet it produces great and holy men and women. Suffering can also produce great sanctity and as often the case do it much quicker than let us say by the Transfigured way. In both cases God is raising great holy men and women to great heights of sanctity to become Saints in His Church.

Well, the documented ones only happen in this denomination (Catholicism). “Mental” Stigmata happens to some protestants, but not documented physical Stigmata. I do believe a Sedevacantist “Pope” has physical Stigmata but has been accused, though not proven, of self-harm.


What is the gift of Transfiguration? What happens to a potential saint with this gift? Is there a canonization procedure similar to the Catholic Church? As you may be aware, a candidate for sainthood has to have passed away 5 years before even the process to canonization is started.

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