Why do alot of christians hate anime?

This is a mystery that has puzzled me more than anything elss God has placed before me. Sure I can agree that one reason may be the genres of Hentai (Porno shows) and Ecchi (extreemly risque situations and reviling clotiong), but if this is your only reason, then you may as well kill off cartoons in general as american cartoons have these kind of genres to.

My main argument to those I know that are Anti-Anime is this “Anime isn’t a genre, it is an art style” (my most basic argument) and this “Hentai and Ecchi are just a 3 inch tip of a thousand foot ice burg”.

I have even pointed out that some of their kids favourite shows (ie. Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby, Hello Kitty, these are just to name afew) are in fact 100% Japanese Anime. But they either refuse to belive me, or make up some excuses.

I feel as though Anime needs an apologetics course of its own soon. I have read to many articals by Christians that are anti-anime, and seen to many people that are anti-anime. It is just crazy how a cartoon style can be hated this much.

Reply with your thoughts, and help me understand why some christians think this way so that I can better explain to them why anime is not the “creation of Satan” as they so famously say all the time.

That depends on whether you mean the art style or the industry. The art style is just an art style, no more evil than the English language.

The anime industry, on the other hand, is at least as corrupt as any given Western mass media company. The difference is that the anime industry is much further along in the slide towards Sodom because Japan is, frankly, a pagan country that does not share the Christian understanding of the sanctity of life. This is evident by its suicide rate, or more relevantly, by the mass consumption of pornographic manga and anime being considered socially acceptable.

In other words, since culture represents values, anime represents the values of Japanese popular culture which is non-Christian and must be viewed with caution.

I agree with the above.

Yet, of course, there is some anime/manga that is completely innocent and harmless.

But, in the big picture, what does it really matter? Anime/manga is just a form of entertainment. How important is entertainment, really? For some people, it is massively important. But is that really healthy? Isn’t it better to find meaning in one’s real life, rather than inside “The Matrix”?

So racism then?

There is a very real danger that anime consumers will “graduate” to the perverted things. In Japan there is no real distinction between what is just a cartoon and what is pornography. For example, the original Japanese Sailor Moon anime has pornographic elements and child molestation. You can’t just censor that out and declare it an innocent cartoon. It probably isn’t even censored anymore.

Avoiding anime is advisable just as one would avoid any R-rated flick.

I know what you mean, but it is then like saying EWTN cartoons is just as evil as a company that does cartoons that have porno in it. You are all assuming that anime all anime is the same, and if that is true then all cartoons are the same. I once told someone that it is my goal to create a Catholic fiction anime based on a post WWII worst outcome senario, and they tuned me out the moment I said “Anime”. If you honesly think that all anime industry is evil look at what kid shows we have, Hello kitty (Kitty is Catholic FYI), Hamtaro, Sonic the hedgehog, Dog of Flanders (anime based off movie (and real story?)), every Hayo Miyazaki film since Studio Ghibli (I dare you to say this company is evil and corrupt), I could go on and on untill dooms day.

My point is, just like in normal cartoons, it’s not the industry, or the art style, or what you call it, it is all about who is making it and producing it. Studio Ghibli only produces movies for kids 13 or younger, nothing more mature than elements seen in wars.

But, in the big picture, what does it really matter? Anime/manga is just a form of entertainment. How important is entertainment, really? For some people, it is massively important. But is that really healthy? Isn’t it better to find meaning in one’s real life, rather than inside “The Matrix”?

Hmm… I really think you should sit with a nun some time, they focus alot on the inside rather than the out. Spiritual life is supposedly more important than the physical one.

No one is saying that. I said that the anime industry should be considered like any other mass entertainment industry, but then I added that there is a cultural factor that makes anime more questionable. I question anime for the same reason that anyone would question, say, Soviet animation. The culture that produced it is hostile to Christianity, therefore it needs to be handled with more care than something that comes from a Christian culture.

And how is this supposed to help me convice others that cartoons with large eyes and over exagerated expressions, is not evil?

I know that there are big companies out there that do alot of porno, but I also know that there are 90% more companies that have no major things like that, Studio Ghibli is the best example of that.

Hostile to Christianity? That’s quite a stretch. Ignorant is better but hostile? Hardly. You speak of pornography yet the Bible isn’t exactly a clean book in of itself. Sex and violence are just as much as rampant in the OT as it is in plent of anime/manga I’ve read.

Heck, I would consider the story of Jacob a fine premise for a historical fantasy seinen.

Historically, Christianity was heavily persecuted in Japan. Today, the scars are still there and are only now healing.

For the record, and as I think I’ve made clear: I also think that modern Western culture is hostile to Christianity.

I would appreciate it if you could be more gentle.

Just wondering, where did you get the idea that “a lot of christians” hate anime? How much is “a lot”?

Perhaps people who think that anime is the “creation of Satan” have not actually seen any anime to begin with and only heard rumors about it.

Granted, there are a lot of anime with violent and immoral content, but then again there are also a lot of Western movie with the same type of content. It really depends on what you choose to watch. Anime is simply an entertainment medium, i.e. stylized cartoon, which can be used for good or bad purposes.

whole online groups I have seen in the past with thousands of members that were dedicated to proclaiming the “truth” of the evil big eyed over exagerated cartoons know as anime. I have seen several of these groups, and about every hard-core “if it’s not Jesus it’s evil” Catholic I’ve talked to (387 counted to date) hates anime to the point of blindness, and the same for Christians and Catholics who are less than hard-core. If yoru saying the verge of thousands is a small number, then you must only be looking at percentage (its what, 2% of christianity? not even?) I look at the number. and for a kid of 17, it is big. I know there are many more out there to, friends of mine from other countries have the same problem.

as to your second part, YES!!! that is one of my points!!! they have not seen the good, the moral, the absolutly undoubtably christian friendly anime. They either only seen the bad stuff or only heard of the bad stuff and choose not to give it a chance. THEY ARE LIKE DIE HARD PROTESTANTS!!! (no offence)… they shut me up or tune me out whenever I tell them why they are wrong, they choose ignorance, they will not admit there is such a thing as good, moral, clean, safe anime.

Dosen’t every country (save the vatican) have at least one anti-christian group? your point there really donsen’t carry far. We have leanrt to live with it as a fact of life. Athiests exist, God have mercy on their souls, but they exist mostg everywhere along with some other anti-christian, and anti-monotheologen even, groups/religions.

It will be found in every format of public knowledge from anime, to animation, to live action, to plays, to books. If anyone thinks just because an industry has opened up to such thinking and releases it, is to be avoided, well I guess were in big troubble, cause there aint an industry out there that hasn’t to my knowledge.

Haha, take it easy then, you don’t really need to convince them that there are good anime. Why not let them be? :slight_smile: Better spend your time convincing others that Jesus is Lord, no?

So was Rome yet the Vatican is now an icon within Italian culture. :rolleyes:
Furthermore, the contempt for Christianity had more to do with a contempt for western cultures in general. That excessively nationalistic version of Japan though pretty much died after WWII. Finally, anyone who watches anime is quite familiar with many a Western-inspired motif and genre: goth loli, fantasy, cyber punk etc.

Dear Cat Herder,

Cordial greetings and a very good day. Jolly well said and I concur wholeheartedly, dear friend.

As Catholics it is incumbent upon us to be very discerning as regards matters of culture, as indeed it is in any field of interaction with the world. Thus we have a moral obligation to shield our children (and ourselves) from any literature that is intrinsically anti-Christian or which promotes the godless ideologies of secular states, especially during their formative years when their minds are being forged at every turn.

Sadly, it is almost universally taken for granted nowadays that we can absorb a certain amount of culturally unhealthy entertainment, be it novels or films etc., without being adversely affected by it, but this is, quite frankly, utterly absurd. Thus it is tacitly assumed that if we have sufficient rational faith, then we will be able to sift through the good and bad material without being harmed or negatively influenced by it. In short many contemporary Catholics have accepted the normalcy of corruption because there has been a tragic loss of spiritual discernment. Alas, men have not kept themselves “unstained from the world” (Jam. 1: 27) and so, not surprisingly, have been seduced by the many distracting and demoralizing influences in their midst. Former generations of Catholics understood that there must be a perpetual striving after holiness and a separation from the godless world. This naturally involved the avoidance of all leisure pursuits that were in conflict with their most holy religion. It is not so today and our Church is the worse for it. No wonder our pagan neighbours see little difference between professing Catholics and themselves.

The Devil and his forces have deeply invaded man’s social and cultural structures and books have not been omitted. Books which a few generations ago would have been instantly recognised as unwholesome, are now considered acceptable and those who oppose them are branded “Puritan prudes” or “hysterical alarmists”. Unfortuantely, this only evinces the extent to which worldliness has infiltrated the modern Catholic Church and where the timeless reference points of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition have been rendered ineffectual by an over-reliance upon unsanctified reason.

Warmest good wishes,



True Fact: Because they are.

Rather telling that people like the above are also for all forms of religious censorship and colonial rule. Is it any surprise that Japanese culture (heck, even my own country’s nationalistic side, despite being Catholic) have a negative view towards the colonial powers in those days.

Frankly, such hatred is well-deserved given the tyranny the likes of Spain and England inflicted upon their colonies.

For a moment there I thought you were lumping the cultural attitudes on colonialism of your people with that of the Japanese…

There are anti-Western attitudes prevalent in all Asian countries. Japan and China never exactly got along but that doesn’t mean they don’t have that in common.

I simply find the likes of Portrait laughable in the way they decry non-Western cultures like the Japanese but turn a blind eye to the horrors of Western civilization (and by this I strictly specific the Christianized West). Alas, the latter is usually the reason for the contempt in the first place.

I agree with you, Cat Herder, to a point. The fact is that you are correct, that Japan tolerates a lot more in the way of pornographic content (though it seems that finally the outer limit of tolerable material has been reached and there is a long-needed pushback finally coming on some of the largest excesses).

However, that doesn’t mean that every show or creator is necessarily hellbound – or even every franchise. Take Lupin III, for instance. The show has its moral highs and lows – I will NOT read the original manga by Monkey Punch, for instance, as he originally had the character be all but a rapist in some stories – and for every fan-service/sex-drenched installment, there is a wonderful gem like The Castle of Cagliostro or The Plot of the Fuma Clan.

My critiques of anime these days are:

  1. Fanservice. There is too much of it. That’s because, unfortunately, since the late '80s, anime studios decided that rather than telling varied stories (Maison Ikkoku, Kimagure Orange Road, Grave of the Fireflies and the like – the last one I can remember having a gripping story was Cowboy Bebop) that they would pander to two blocs of fandom – the Shonen/Seinen crowd and Shojou readers. This is why anime meant for adolescent (either physically or mentally) boys seems to be the norm, with all the gratuitous nudity and violence that that entails. And so the Japanese media companies have gone full-bore for the otaku, the 30-year-old nerds who watch the stuff zealously. They’re the ones, in Japan, who will pony up $60/70/80 for a DVD and even more for toys, merchandise and paraphanalia. Because Otaku, I guess, will lap up softcore TV porn like a cat laps up milk.
    Which brings me to:

  2. It’s increasingly materialistic. Now, it’s always been somewhat materialistic – two of the most famous franchises in anime history, Mobile Suit Gundam and Super Dimension Fortress Macross were essentially commissioned as 30-minute toy ads (though in both cases, they were exceedingly well-written and transcended that particular trope) and any franchise worth its salt, anywhere in the world, will have tie-in merch associated with it (I’m looking at my Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee action figures as I write… :shrug:). But it’s gone to extremes where the shows are seen solely as product, created by committee (or cherrypicked form the most promising manga available – for wildly at variance definitions of “promising”) hitting tired cliches that the companies know will appeal to their target audiences. It’s so bad that Densetsu (sp?) is actually opening up a research think-tank to even more closely target Japanese otaku.

  3. Because of that, it’s no longer any good. Outside of the predictable and laudable quality of Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli’s films or sone of the outlier work of the late Satoshi Kon, anime today is pretty wretched, actually. Yes, Urusei Yatsura had some slight fanservice, and Slayers was a pretty formulaic sowrd-and-sorcery parody, but they had heart. There seemed to be something behind them other than “we’re pandering to you, buy our product. Buy it now!” Macross at times had some of the most atrocious animation this side of a mental patient with a crayon (“Virgin Road”, a plot-critical episode, was perhaps the nadir of the animation on that show) but made up for it with a compelling plot and scripting. But it’s nothing like the predictable cliche storm of a Demon King Damiaoh:

  • Scrappy Seinen lead with a dark, mysterious past? Check.
  • Harem anime plot with plenty of opportunities for panty flashes, innuendo, and accidental nudity? Check.
  • Veneer of Mysticality pulling, grab-bag like for a number of real-life religious traditions to make it seem “deep” and “mysterious”? Check.
  • Magic everywhere? Check.
  • Kung-Fu Fighting (or other Martial Arts and Crafts)? Check.
  • Tentacles? Check. And ewwww.
  • Annoyingly cute and tries-to-be-funny animal mascot? Check.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen (probably to be the OTP with the hero), Pettanko girl, Mysterious silent Girl, Amply endowed Spoiled rich Brat? Check, Check, Check, and, annoyingly, Check.
  • Everybody wearing ridiculously fetishistic school uniforms (Guys making them all look like the “bad boys” girls want, and girls wearing miniskirts and blouses)? Check.

These were just from the PREVIEWS on iTunes for the show! :mad:

I think I agree with the above. I used to LOVE anime, and most times, whenever I got caught up in a series, it wound up evolving to include things that were blatantly against Catholic teachings. I disagree that you can’t censor it out. I think if it’s censored out, no harm done, because the content changes. But I think less and less is getting censored out these days. I do believe it’s part of the genre. Anime isn’t just distinquished from other ‘cartoons’ by its art style, but also because of its content.

Now I was a fan long ago, years ago, way before there was a market in the US for companies to actually bring it here legally. Back then, we traded VHS and later internet files, of fan-subtitled anime. It was very rare to come across something that didn’t have material that was not suitable for Catholics to watch.

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