Why do Baptists have it out for Catholics?

It seems after perusing the internet, that most of the worst anti-Catholic diatribes come from Baptists. (The second worse are ex-Catholics! :p) Even a Baptist preacher friend of my husband, when spying my husband’s miraculous medal, said condescendingly, “You don’t really believe that stuff, do you?” This is supposed to be a friend! Twice my mother has attended a Baptist church at the invitation of friends, and both times the minister ranted about the Catholic Church. I’ve never heard of this kind of vitriol from any other church on such a consistent basis. Just for kicks I thought I’d search “Why Are Catholics…” and “Why Are Baptists…” and let the AutoFill do it’s magic:

Why Are Catholics…
called left footers
against birth control
not christians
leaving the church

Why Are Baptists…
so hateful
so judgemental
so stupid
so mean
opposed to dancing
so hateful toward women

Seems I’m not the only one who feels this way!

Not again!

I think there is a misunderstanding of Catholicism among certain Baptists. This can be corrected with patience, charity, and education.


Jealousy. :smiley:

Where such put-downs occur, they genuinely think that Catholicism is a corruption of Christianity in many cases. In some cases it’s good ole fashioned animus, but mostly they think they’re helping the lost by preaching about the horrors of Romanism.

Don’t be offended, instead take it as an opportunity to surprise 'em by knowing the truth of your faith. Sadly they’ve probably never heard a good refutation of the charges commonly heard in such settings. Do your homework and educate the ignorant. It’s a spiritual work of Mercy! :thumbsup:

Wow, that is crazy!

I used to live near Hyles Anderson, which is a very popular Baptist college, and I remember them being very nice? I wonder if it has to do with certain areas of the country? Don’t bash me but I do recall being told by friends who were from the south that they were a lot more judgemental there.

The majority of my family are Baptists. They aren’t ugly to me. They aren’t ugly about my faith. :shrug:

This is generally true of my experience as well, at least in this day and age. Of course, during the 50’s and 60’s many members of the family were ignorant of Catholicism and weren’t quite sure how to react to it. There were misunderstandings. But over time, those misunderstandings have been ironed out and the constant witness of my mother to her Catholic faith has helped my Baptist relatives reassess their attitudes towards Catholicism. My Baptist relatives now respect my faith and encourage me to live my Catholicism fully. I’m very proud of them and grateful to them for that.

Unfortunately, a few of the things are understandable fears. The fact that such a large sum of Catholic laity are unwitting puppets or even champions of the Culture of Death can be a sobering obstacle to overcome. It creates an atmosphere of anti-evangelization for the Church.

As for the rest, it’s part of the niche culture of being Baptist. Their structure is basically the opposite of the Catholic Church: low church worship, largely independent, meditative spirituality can be passively looked down upon (when you go into the church, in my experience it’s all about slapping each other on the back). These are the sort of things that can be mended with patient suffering.

I seem to have the most problems with non-denoms. I have some wonderful Baptist friends and we converse very nicely about our beliefs. They even came to my kids 1st communions. They were actually quite surprised at the Mass and thought is was quite Jesus centered :rolleyes: (made me chuckle to myself).

The non-denominational people I have run into were quite pushy and opinionated about the Catholic Church and do not want to hear you give good answers to their questions. I think it may be the actual people though and not the fact of their affiliation.

Are there different kinds of Baptists? I only know a couple really well but they are really nice and so are their families. One of my coworkers is Baptist and she asked me if they could use my baby to play Baby Jesus in their Christmas play. She specifically said she thought I might not mind because I was a Christian, and I know she knows I’m Catholic. Maybe it’s where I live? THere’s a high percentage of Catholics here and so I wonder if there isn’t less baloney spread around about us.

I have a daughter-In-Law who is the daughter of a Baptist Minister, Nice guy to talk to. However one of the first religious discussions was the Baptist denial of Matthew 16, they deny that Christ established His Church on earth with Peter being the Rock. They keep referring to Christ as the cornerstone, which He is but they cannot accept the difference between cornerstone and the Rock Peter represented.

We were raised Catholic, but my brother started attending a very Fundamentalist Baptist church. I was about twelve when he invited me to the Church. When I got there the group grabbed me, tied me in a chair and started exercising the Catholic demons out of me by screaming, The Blood of Jesus" for about an hour. I finally said I accepted Jesus and I was born again at their insistance before they would let me go.

The large majority of Baptists do not have it out for Catholics, especially Baptists in the American Baptist Churches, they are main-line Protestants and don’t go in for disrespect to other Christians.

There are a few Baptists who don’t like us, mostly independent fundamental Baptists in the South. But even most Southern Baptists accept us as fellow Christians they disagree with to a small extent.

I was raised in a Baptist family and when I converted my late aunt asked me if I still believed in Jesus as my Savior, when I said yes that was the end of it, no more questions.

I think it is just a few bad apples that give Baptists a bad name.

Not a terrible productive thread topic.

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