Why do bishops suppress Traditionalists?

Why do bishops spend so much time making Traditionalist Catholics such as myself feel like lepers (principally by illigally suppressing the TLM) whilst refusing to discipline public heretics? It’s almost enough to make one attend SSPX services.

No one, not even a bishop, can “make” you disobey the Church by attending illicit liturgies. Only you can choose to place your own liturgical preferences over and above fidelity to the Church – a choice that is particularly problematic in a time when the Church is providing licit celebrations of the Tridentine Latin Mass in an ever more generous fashion.

Your profile indicates that you just joined the Church a year ago. I urge you to resist the temptation to believe that you know better than the bishops of the Church who should be punished, or even who is being punished. I recommend that you take a step back from reading literature by Catholics who are dissatisfied with the Church and seek out orthodox literature by Catholics who are building up the Church rather than tearing it down. The articles linked below would be a good place to start.

**Recommended reading:

Problems in the Church** by Jimmy Akin
A Crisis of Saints by Fr. Roger Landry
Why We Should Be Joyful Catholics by Joanna Bogle

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