Why do Catholic shops sell Holy Bibles of 66 Books?

As a person who lately came to Know Jesus as our saviour and God, I intend on reading the Holy Bible, but all places I go I find the Holy Bibles which contain 66 Books instead of 73 which the Catholics should read.

So how important are the 6 missing books and what message of inspiration do they contain. Is it ok if i read the Holy Bible with 66 Books, is it any different from the ones Catholic Church uses?

Hope I will get some great and Inspirational answers to this querry


If you are shopping at a Catholic book store you should be able to find a Catholic Bible somewhere in the mix. If not I would be greatly concerned about that book store as far as it being Catholic goes. Seems odd. I have even found Catholic Bibles at Protestant book stores.

You can read a Protestant Bible just keep in mind that the Church considers 73 books the complete canon of the Bible.

God bless you

Are you sure that the 7 additional books aren’t included in the back of the bible after the book of Revelation? This is how some protestant bibles include those books.

You must not be shopping at a Catholic bookstore.

Some stores called “Religous Goods” stores sell to both Catholic and non-Catholic liturgical communities (such as Episcopalians, Lutherans, etc) and may seem Catholic but may not actually be Catholic.

You can buy Catholic bibles online. Or ask your priest where to buy a Catholic bible locally.

Yes, we should own and read a Catholic bible.

As I’ve never seen a Catholic bookstore without Catholic Bibles, I think you’re begging the question here.

Did you check every shelf? Just because they might sell Protestant Bibles doesn’t mean they’re necessarily endorsing them or refusing to sell Catholic ones. Some sell the scriptures of other religions even, for the sake of apologetics. Better to discuss the beliefs of others by using their own sources.

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