Why do Catholics continue to fight same-sex marriage?

I understand the freedom of religion issue, but what about my own freedom of religion? For one who observes agnosticism, same-sex marriage is a part of my freedoms. It’s not like the right to traditional marriage would be taken away. As far as the Adam and Eve argument goes, of course it made sense before for a man and woman to join, but in today’s day and age when we are nearing a world population of 7 billion, procreation is no longer an issue. In fact, it’s hindering the planet as we are nearing the end of some natural resources that we’ve come to rely on.

The following links should help you better understand the Catholic Church teaching on same-sex marriage. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

Recommended Reading:

Special Report: Gay Marriage
Catechism of the Catholic Church on Homosexuality
Early Teachings on Homosexuality
Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
“Gay Marriage”: The Central Issue by Jimmy Akin

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