Why do Catholics hate the Bible?


Why have we Catholics despied the Bible so much throughout all of history? I mean, we kept the Bibles on chains for crying out loud. How could the common man possibly hope to take these bibles home and have their private study time when they’re chained to a church?! I mean, I know that they couldn’t really read, but they could get points for trying! And sure, Bibles and books in general were hard to come by, so precautions had to be made so they don’t get stolen, but still! Chains! It’s like we imprisoned the WORD of GOD! I guess if I had to copy the whole Bible word for word, I would hate it too. So I suppose the monks despised it because they had to preserve it-no wonder they tried to prevent everyone from reading and making use of their hard labor!


By the way, in case you didn’t see the winkey, I was being sarcastic.


I GUARENTEE you someone will take you seriously. :rolleyes:


I am glad that this is with sarcasm :rolleyes:


Hated it so much that monks spent their lives (in between drunken bouts of of depravity, of course), copying it until they went blind just so it could be preserved.

What dopes! They could have destroyed it by simply – not copying any.


I did miss the wink in the title, and was really confused for a minute. Time to go to bed:sleep:


You got me for a moment there too :smiley:


I don’t think we hate the bible as much as fear it.
If we were to disobey the Church and actually read it, then we would see that the Church teachings contradict the bible, and we would come to the realization that the Protestant church is teaching the truth.

And we all know that truth doesn’t contradict itself.

So we fear that we would have to leave the comfort of the Catholic church and turn to the one true Protestant Church.

By the way, could someone post a link of which Protestant church is that one which is teaching the whole truth?

I tend to get confused with which of the many truths taught are actually the real truth.

I was also being sarcastic.


runandsew, here’s a good Protestant site that should clear up all your confusion. It’s so nice and simple to follow. Nice short answers, too, not this huge “Catechism” stuff that’s just a lot of writing of man.

All your questions will be answered, and I do mean ALL your questions!

I actually added this to my favorites. It makes me smile and that’s a good thing.

And it has pretty music.



(Maybe this sounds mean-spirited, but I think it would be fun for us to have a “Best (! :rolleyes: ) Non-Catholic Religious Site” Award competition–I think this site would have a good chance of taking the Gold Medal.)


Hey, have any of you been able to figure out why we have all those Bible readings at Mass when we’re not supposed to listen to them?

Doesn’t it strike you that having Bible readings in a religion that “hates” the Bible is kind of counter-productive?


Agreed.:cool: :rolleyes:


There is of course a fix for this. They Church should produce posters for mass… each a painting of a bible story…. Or a set of verses. Then instead of reading the bible that none of us read or believe anyway, the priest could just hold up the appropriate beautiful poster art. We in the mass can just ew and aw about the painting and worship it. Now that’s Catholic right??? :rolleyes:

  1. Go to google.com
  2. Type in “The Protestant Church”.
  3. Click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. :rotfl:

:wink: :wink: :wink: This SHOULD answer your question :wink: :wink: :wink:

I which I were not forced to preach each day of the week from a different passage of the Bible. I which I could be more like my protestant brothers that only seem to preach from the book of Romans, Ephesians and Revelation (And only the good parts of Hebrews). I which I where not forced by those evil Cardinals in Rome to preach the whole bible every three years. My life would be so easy!!! :D

In His love…

A Catholic Deacon


:rotfl: :rotfl:



I hate the Bible because reading it cuts down on the time I have to worship Mary.


Hey, I tried this and got the website of “The Protestant Church” in the Netherlands:protestantchurch.nl/

But the commute every Sunday is going to kill me.


Okay…enough levity. Thread closed. :rolleyes:

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