Why do Catholics kiss idols?

I’ve asked a lengthy question regarding this subject but got no response. So I kept it simple this time. I spoke with a priest about this subject; he said it should not be happening. However no one announces to the people regarding this, so they continue to do it.

Your account indicates that you are a Catholic. Why do you assume that your fellow Catholics are kissing “idols”? Would you assume that a child kissing a teddy bear, a tourist kissing the Blarney Stone, or a widow kissing a picture of her deceased husband were kissing “idols”? Why or why not?

Assuming your account of his response is accurate, it is a shame that your priest did not challenge your assumption and help you to understand that statues of saints are no more idols than is the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. They are representations of God’s friends and fellow members of the Church, who now enjoy the beatific vision and can thus more perfectly raise up our petitions to God.

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