Why do Catholics leave Christ on the cross?

I am a non Catholic.
I have always wondered why, in the Catholic Church, Christ is still on the Cross, when Jesus was removed from the cross and will return from heaven for those who are saved.

I am a Born Again Christian, Saved by Jesus Christ, through the grace of God.

Thanks and God Bless ,


Dear friend,

Catholics do not leave Christ on the cross by honoring His crucifixion any more than other Christians confine Him to the manger by honoring His birth in a stable at Christmas time. These same Christians seem not to worry that they are worshiping the statues of the the Holy Family at that time–because in fact, they are not. They are simply calling to mind the event of Christ’s birth. Catholics honor the crucifix because it calls to mind just how far God was willing to go, to demonstrate his infinite love in a way that mere humans can grasp. All Christians would do well to keep that image of His dying body in their minds. It is the most significant image that they can possibly think of. We owe Him thanks for such love with every breath we take!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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