Why do Catholics only focus on abortion and same-sex marriage in an election?

I am nearly 18 years old and I will be eligible to vote this year. I’ve been following closely with the election and politics lately. I notice that most Catholics only seem to focus on whether an candidate is pro-life and pro-marriage in order to gain their support. While I don’t believe in abortion or gay marriage, I do certainly believe that there are other issues that are very important and people should pay attention to them. For example, how does making abortion illegal stop WW3 from happening or how does it impact international relations? It doesn’t. The United States is the most influential nation in the world and we have strong allies. If we lose them, our nation is done for. I am appalled at the fact that there are Catholics out there who support Trump. SMH. They use the defense that he’s better than Clinton and that Clinton is a baby murderer. Honestly, I don’t support Clinton that much but Donald Trump is an incompetent candidate. He will lead our nation to war, build a wall, increase racial tensions, etc. He’s not even pro-life. He may say he is, but really, he is trying to gain the republican vote and if he gets the presidency, he will not do anything to stop abortion. Clinton and Sanders are the best qualified candidates for the presidency, based on their previous political experience, despite the fact that they are liberals.
I don’t like the fact that a lot of Catholics are hating on Obama. Sure he is pro-choice, but he was a good president and has done a lot for our nation. It’s as if Catholics just hate the democratic party and all affiliated with it.

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I think you will find that people here who are Catholics are focusing on more than abortion and same-sex marriage.

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