Why do Catholics pray more to Mary and the saints than to Jesus?

I was born and raised Catholic. I’m Baptized and Confirmed. I’m also 61 and when I was young the mass was in Latin and you weren’t allowed to ask questions. I left Catholicism at 18. At 28 I started reading the Bible and earnestly seeking God. For 30 years I grew increasingly disgusted with Protestantism. I am trying to come back to Catholicism. A year ago I started getting EWTN and Telecare on TV. I like what I hear about this New Evangelism. I also like what Pope Francis says. I even think I found a church with at least 1 priest that I think knows the Lord. So I am trying.

However, I’m still seeing too much emphasis on Mary, the saints, and very little talk about Jesus. I feel too many priests, and therefore the Catholic people are always turning to Mary or a saint, instead of Jesus. I just saw a special on St. Anthony and they said something about the anniversary of Mary’s assumption. When was that? I can’t get an answer to this.

A lot of ex-Catholics are fed up with the protestant churches. But like me, most have spent decades praying to God in the name of Jesus. We learned this in the Bible. I don’t feel right praying to Mary or a saint. How did this happen? How did Mary come to replace Jesus in our faith?

These links should be helpful for understanding why we pray to the saints and the role it plays in our Catholic faith. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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