Why do Christians Give Satan "Gifts"?


things Christians seem willing to just give to Satan and let him have:

  1. His own special day. I think Catholics may be less guilty of this one, I dunno but I keep seeing people planning to “hide” out on Oct. 31 because it’s Satans day. WHAT? it’s the day the Lord ahs made… same as any other.

  2. Music. Why can Satan have all the forms of music except Gregorian chants and Hymns and maybe one or two others?!I really believe God looks at where are hearts are way more than the tune, rhythm and musical instrument used in the song.

  3. more recently people are complaing about the pagan roots of Christmas and Christmas trees and St. Nick

I could go on, but why do people want Satan to have things/days of his very own?

There are two mistakes we make with Satan–one is not to take him seriously enough; the other is to take him too seriously. -C.S. Lewis


I think that what you’ve noticed is that some people have a tendency to see the devil under every stone & behind every bush.

And some people see paganism where it doesn’t exist. ##


I for one don’t believe that Halloween is ‘Satan’s day’ or anything - though I’m not overly fond either of the overtly occult aspects or the materialistic aspects of sending children out to basically beg for presents.

Chrstimas? ST NICK (let’s say that again … SAINT Nick? Who was a real person and did give real presents to a few young girls) Pagan? Doubt it!) Christmas trees perhaps.

Some posible pagan references but then religions do borrow from and absorb aspects of others - it’s not like we do the same things for the same REASONS as the old Druiids or Romans or whoever.

As for music … very little classical music that is inspired by Satan, plenty of clean wholesome country and western. A lot of the rest is just what you make of it I guess. Good and bad in all.


And we can see in OT scripture where God told the Israelites to take days that were pagan days and turn them into days of worship of Him.

God wants us to claim these days and make them Christian.

I talk to my kids about Halloween. I tell them how in the Church we believe that Nov. 1 is all Saints Day. So on Halloween, we go out with our Guardian Angels and dress up to “scare away” all the evil spirits who seek the ruin of souls so all that is around the next day is “all Saints”.

I claim it for God. I wish other Christians would do the same instead of giving it to the enemy.

Music and Christmas trees too. Why give the devil more credit than he deserves?

God Bless,


Id venture to guess that satan certainly wouldnt like the idea of humans having fun on his day by FREELY GIVING candy to young kids ( i suppose he’d get a little comfort in some rotting teeth but what a consolation prize! hahaha!! your whole day has been taken over by some of the purest souls in the world - children, God’s judo kicks his butt again)and helping bring families together for a day that otherwise might have been spent alone in their own seperate rooms etc etc…


I can’t imagine how you’d think that Catholics would give Satan his own special day when every single day in the Church is devoted to his very antithesis–the Saints. Masses said daily, feast days every day, doesn’t seem like we “consecrate,” as it were, any day to Satan. October 31 is not a day for Satan, it is simply the vigil of All Saints Day–Halloween is a contraction of the Old English for All Hallows’ Eve. Hallows–the hallowed, the holy–in other words, the Saints (saint is etymologically derived from the Latin sancta, meaning holy). Some people choose to observe satanic/occult rituals on that day, and that is their choice. I don’t think you should lay the blame on Catholicism for making it a day of Satan. In the Catholic Church, every day is a day for the Holy Ones.

Satan doesn’t have any music apart from what people give to his glory. Some people attempt to inject satanic influences into music that simply doesn’t have it (i.e. the “backmasking” thing with Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, as well as other songs–to which I say that records are made to play in one direction and furthermore that if Led Zeppelin or others wished to put satanic messages in their music, why would they even bother to put them backwards? We don’t sit around listening to backward music–I don’t know about you, but I listen to it forwards). Others look at bands that have blatant satanic influences and brand all rock music to have that. My grandmother told me once to quit listening to the wild stuff I was listening to–the Beatles (and their early work, the melodic, unoffensive stuff).

You seem to be branding all music in this way. Right now I’m listening to Scottish music by the Tannahill Weavers, which is hardly satanic. Very enjoyable. I also listen to Flogging Molly, who, apart from a great deal of mention of getting drunk (what would you expect from an Irish band, though? :p), are hardly anything sinful to listen to. Occasionally I like Bon Jovi, whose songs are about nothing more than everyday life in America, personal struggle, and loads of other topics that sort of hit home. Nothing satanic there. And while I’ll be called a fool for saying this, I must admit that I listen to Polka and Bluegrass too, hardly tools of the devil (I’ll be called a fool not for admitting to that, but for saying they’re not of the devil–although if you listen to them for a couple of days on end, you are led to believe so :p). I could list nearly every song in my extremely varied playlist, every genre from rock, pop, classical, baroque, Irish Drinking Songs, Scottish Celtic music, a couple of rap songs here and there, and loads of others–and nothing suggests to me that we give Satan all forms of music. If this means nothing to you, consider the fact that I go to a Benedictine college, attend Mass every day, serve at the altar, and am majoring in Theology (as well as pursuing a possible vocation to the priesthood). In other words, music is not to be absolutely branded as the root of satanism in our culture–man’s choosing is. I listen to all sorts of music, and give nothing to Satan through it (the Polka, Bluegrass, and Scottish bagpipe music is actually to annoy him and anyone else around…I rather like it). Music does not turn my heart away from God and the Church anymore than does fast food or football.

Complaining about the satanic roots of Christmas? Time for another etymology lesson. Christmas, if broken into syllables, becomes “Christ mas.” It is the Mass for Christ, whose birth is celebrated on that day. The fact that the celebration coincides with pagan festivals doesn’t give it “pagan roots.” My birthday coincides with Earth Day, but that doesn’t make me a tree-hugging hippie (my birthday, oddly enough, is the vigil of St. George’s day, and he’s the patron of Scouts like myself). There are loads of feasts throughout the calendar that were sort of superimposed upon existing pagan festivals in the early centuries. Some say this was to draw in converts, but the real reason is probably more to the tune of something I was talking about above–consecrating days to the Saints. We take existing pagan days and give them to God–we “baptize” them, if you will.

Santa Claus is not anything to do with paganism or satanism or anything like that. Santa Claus is simply St. Nicholas. The tradition is discussed here, and there is a link in the article to the Saint about whom the legend of Santa Claus is derived. St. Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra (now in Turkey), not anything to do with paganism. No pagan roots there.

In short, only what we choose to allow Satan into does he come. If we consecrate every action to God, then there is no room for Satan to enter in.

Ergo sum Explorator Aquila!!


Whoa there!!

It seems you misunderstood my question. I think that by saying “Halloween (or Christmas or Santa or contemporay Christian music etc etc. ) is evil and wrong for Christians, we must refuse to participate!”, is to “GIVE” those things to Satan and just let him have them.

I am trying to understand people who shun things used for God’s glory. They somehow got the idea that certian things (mostly items or styles of music or a set day) are “Of the world” or “are inherently evil”. My Question was “Why do Christians Give Satan these “Gifts”?”


Satan’s day?
Halloween was one of the old cross quarter days.
Pagan perhaps…… but Satanic? I don’t know about that.:confused:

While there is a modern patina of the occult on the holiday today, you are just as likely to see some one dressed as Spiderman or an angel than as a witch or devil

I’m not sure what forms of music you have been listening to but if you hear Satan in every beat I’m not sure if I agree with you.
Music is a great expression of human creativity and soul.

Trees and a saint? What is there to complain about?:confused:

Just because the Pagans thought of something first doesn’t mean that it is inherently wrong. We are all God’s children. Even through the clouds a beam of sunshine pierces every once and a while. :wink:

You haven’t demonstrated that they do.

You may be taking him too seriously
Or at least Halloween to seriously;)


uhhh did you read the post right above yours? These ar ethings people are telling me, not me saying them… I’m asking WHY WHY WHY do they say these things.


I’ve actually been wondering about this subject myself…I have come across a lot of people who are Christian, who seem to spend the larger part of October fussing about the devil…I have to figure he is enjoying the attention, frankly!
Maybe we all need to speak up more, & let folks know that we really need to stop giving satan so much thought, instead of praising our God & King, Jesus Christ, & all His saints…


No, I started posting before that was visible…sorry.

Humans do stupid, ill-informed, things
No great news there

That’s way patience is a virtue.


Well it’s mostly from personal experience of people telling me they stay home on Halloween with the lights out so no one can see them and why Christmas trees and music not from old Hymnals is evil. I find it hard to believe you have never heard Christians say these things! but so I can demonstrate to you that such a mentality exists check out these websites:




P.s. I posted this before I saw your second post… I guess it’s an epidemic!


I think you’ll find that most of the people who say these things are fundamentalists…NOT Catholics.


Maybe I should have put it in non-Catholic religions then. :confused:


Wish Granted…:slight_smile:


I don’t believe in christian concept of Satan. But if I did, I would have to say that country music belongs to him.


Although it appears that your “wish” has been granted, I just wanted to point out to all that it was made quite clear in the original post that Syele felt that other Christians suffered from this problem more so than Catholics.

I think people need to take a little more time in reading the actual posts before responding.

When one is forming a response before the whole post has been read, one stops “hearing” what has been said. This holds true in real life converstations as well as here.

Slow down and READ the posts, understand what the poster is saying, then formulate a response. I am not putting anyone on the spot. Everyone suffers from this now and then, and there seems to be a rash of it lately.

Slow down everyone:) .

God Bless,


I don’t know any christian who hides out on Oct. 31. Every church I have ever gone to has a party on or around that day to celebrate God. It’s not Satan’s day. It is God’s day, like any other day.

I know of lots of christian music other than Gregorian chants and Hymns. There is christian rock, rap, country, and many others. All of them are christian.

Like someone has already posted, Saint Nick was a real person who gave gifts to children. Christmas trees are basically pine trees. I don’t see anything wrong with that. What pagan roots are there in christmas?


You make a very good point. My evangelical non-Demoniational friend does that all the time.

He once heard a preacher condemn Barry Manillow’s: “I Write the Songs”, because of the line, “I’ve been alive forever, and I wrote the very first song”. He said it was satanic. I couldn’t even understand his reasoning. – Something about "being alive forever"
I kid you, not.
He told me this over the phone, and I literally shook my head; couldn’t believe I was hearing what I was hearing.

Another preacher condemned Englebert Humperdink, because of his: “Please Release Me” (The reason: the song promotes promiscuity). So my friend threw out all his Englebert CD’s.
(my friend listens to Christian radio continuously; especially since he drives a truck for a living)

I don’t know why, but my beloved friend seems to find the devil in almost anything.

I tried to tell my friend he’s giving the evil one too much credit.
He over analyzes (and sees the devil in) almost everything, and I honestly don’t know how to help him. Or even if I should try.
He’s like a brother to me, and I worry about him.

If I had to live that way, I’d go insane, for sure.

God Bless!


O…k… I’m trying to ba patient here… really. your answer has nothing to do with my question.

I know people who hide every year. My own mother made me do this every year as a child. I even gave links to prove it happens.

Yeah I know that. I have many of the CDs. How does calling them Christian answer my question?

Well again, I teach my Daughter about the real St. Nick every Christmas. I have a tree for each family member at my house every year.

I posted links to the arguments these people have that say Christmas is pagan. I asked WHY? I asked WHY again. Denying it happens dosn’t convince people with these ideas that they are wrong.

I origionally posted in Apologetics because I thought perhaps Catholics here would agree with me and have suggestions for me in dealing with this. Obviously, I am too lousy at typing or something. :banghead:

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