Why do churches close at night?

Every time I went to church as little, I was always told that the church was Gods home on earth and that it was open for everyone. Therefore I was surprised, when I began going to church again, and one day one of the people who was working in the church came over and told me, that they were going to close the church for the night soon.

I wanted to ask why the church is closing at night and if there is not somewhere in The Bible that says that God welcomes everyone at every time in his churches?

Sincerely LouTou

Its a sad commentary on our society that churches are locked at night. Tabernacles that are locked and secured to their base are difficult to break into but not impossible. Protecting the Eucharist from desecration is of the utmost concern. Vandalism and theft are also constant threats to churches. Some insurance companies may not reimburse churches that never lock their doors. That would mean congregations would have to constantly cover the cost of any damage or theft from the church.

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