Why do gays want marriage? What do they hope gain from it?

I’m not asking about the moral issues of same sex marriage. What I am wondering is, why is this such a big deal for homosexuals? What are they trying to accomplish?

Here is the answer given in a FAQ on same-sex marriage

Why do gay and lesbian couples want to get married?

Marriage matters to gay people in similar ways that it matters to everyone. Gay and lesbian couples want to get married to make a lifetime commitment to the person they love and to protect their families.

Marriage says, “We are family” in a way that no other word does. Marriage is one of the few times where people make a public promise of love and responsibility for each other and ask our friends and family to hold us accountable.

Gay and lesbian couples may seem different from straight couples, but we share similar values - like the importance of family and helping out our neighbors; worries - like making ends meet or the possibility of losing a job; and hopes and dreams - like finding that special someone to grow old with, and standing in front of friends and family to make a lifetime commitment.


In addition to what Dale M writes above, I would say the rights that are guaranteed to married couples are also important to committed gay couples. Things such as being able to cover each other under health care plans, make health-care decisions, inheritance & property rights, tax benefits, etc.

Yes marriage is a Sacrament, but, at least in the US, there are civil rights that are also attached to the union, which is why no Catholic Church in the US will marry a couple without a civil marriage license issued according to State law.

Same things straight people want.

Probably the most evil and hideous purpose they have in mind is child adoption…

I personally (as a lesbian woman) want all the things everyone above me said. Here in Canada, I have the option to marry (depending on the needs of my partner and myself, assuming I ever find a partner, I’m not too worried about that right now).

As a gay man I second Lokabrenna’s comment. I want the same rights straight people have - to be able to marry the one I love, be a family, have the legal benefits of marriage, and adopt kids. That’s the extent of my evil gay agenda. :slight_smile:

Go to this website:


Check out the tax on single status versus the tax on married filing jointly status. The tax table should be somewhere in the form 1040 instructions.

The second big benefit would be the ability to add a legal spouse to a health insurance policy.

Every one of the other benefits of marriage listed was already available: Anyone can identify any person they want as their health care proxy, anyone can buy property jointly with another person, and so forth. All you need to do is draw up the appropriate documents with your attorney. And in most (if not all) states, single people can already adopt, providing they pass the background screening.

None of this is meant in any way to disparage true human emotion between two people. But I think the economic benefits in terms of taxes and health insurance coverage are what the pro gay marriage contingent is really interested in.

A form of approval for living a gay lifestyle. A piece of paper that says their relationship is valid and somehow normal.

Step right this way, folks. Roll up. You won’t believe your own eyes. What we have here is beyond belief. Do we have something evil for you? No Madam, we do not! Do we have something hideous for you, sir? No, indeed we do not. No, good people. What we have here is Evil AND Hideous.

See two women (yes, women!) take their child to the sports day! See them make their child breakfast! See one of them read to the child in bed! The horror! Watch as they attend their child’s graduation! The unspeakable depravity!

See it now before it’s too late. Proudly sponsored by the political party of your choice.

Love has nothing to do with it. If there were no civil rights and benefits attached to marriage, they would never want marriage. Saying it is about love is a lie. C’mon, in the First Century, homosexuality is more prevalent than we have today. In fact, fornication was so rampant that a lot were bisexual. But nobody pretended that two men or two women would get married then. Why? Because they knew that real marriage is beyond them. And because there were no tax breaks or visitation rights or shared property rights back then, they didn’t want marriage.

It has nothing to do with love. They claim love just for the propaganda. I certainly did not marry my wife just so I can visit her in the hospital when she’s sick, or just so I can get a little tax break. Those things never crossed my mind.

So you fell in love and decided to make a lifetime committment to that person. Who could argue with that?

Somehow I think your sarcasm will be lost on Catholics, who will never sanction same sex “marriage.” Why are you here, anyway? Oh, that’s right…to mock the Catholic faith.

Possibly (although about 50% don’t mind it at all). My sense of humour is sometimes taken the wrong way. Some might even think it’s used purely to mock.

Well, there you go. You thought it too. And I thought it might have been a good way to highlight an extremist view that looking after children can be…what was it? Hideous AND evil!

Amen, Constantine. Marriage is a Sacrament, meant for a man and a woman. This is why men and women have complementary bodies. Our Church teaches us that homosexual activity is gravely disordered and for those who engage in homosexual activity, the Sacrament of Marriage is forever denied, Deo gratias!

The devil loves to mock what is holy, and gay “marriage” mocks a holy Sacrament. I guess the atheists and pagan pantheists and what not who lurk here can’t get it through their heads that this is a Catholic forum, and the Catholic church teaches that homosexual activity is an abomination. Now as far as two celibate people with homosexual inclination living together, that’s a grey area. But for the Church to sanction a same sex couple being “married” and “raising children?” Never gonna happen!**

Somehow I doubt that percentage.

What does the percentage matter? Why doubt it? If gay marriage is wrong, then it doesn’t matter how many Catholic think that it’s right. We can skip the confirmation of that figure because it has no bearing on your belief.

Or does it matter to you that ‘about 50% of Catholics’ have no problem with gay marriage.

Let’s see…

Do you accept that figure?

I can’t think of any more hideous and evil than wanting to adopt a child. HOW DARE THEY!!!

Marriage is more than just a commitment.

Why a lifetime commitment? Why shouldn’t marriage licenses be like a driver’s license, something one must periodically renew (or else let it lapse)? Why not marry for four years at a time, like a presidential term? Or why not say that the marriage lasts only as long as the couple remains in love? Aside from the assumption of children (who in turn beget grandchildren), why value a long commitment? Why is one ten-year marriage better than three three-and-a-half year marriages? When marriage is redefined as being about the sexual / emotional satisfaction of the partners (and obtaining a few benefits from the government), there’s no reason why the length of the commitment should be a factor.

(I oppose same-sex marriage. I’m here wondering why I hear so many advocates for same-sex marriage talk about the importance of lifelong commitments—what’s so important about them?)

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