Why do I feel this way missing weekday Mass?

Our parish has Mass during the week on Tues - Fri. I love attending Mass during the week ~ there is something unexplainably special about weekdays Masses for me. However usually once sometimes twice a week I miss Mass to sleep in (I have a chronic health problem) and I feel spiritually out of the sorts all day. I would say it is almost like guilt ~ though I have done nothing morally wrong. I also wonder, is it a kind of conviction that I could have gone to Mass and I was just too easy on myself.

Why does missing weekday Mass result in such a spiritual mood? Does anyone else experience this?

Mass is your prayer time, your daily time with God. For you, missing Mass is “like a day without the Sun.”
Any guilt you may feel is not from God. That does not mean you will not feel an emptiness, a sense of loss because you did not have the opportunity, or take the opportunity as the case may be to spend this special hour with God.
You missed a meal, especially if you are a daily communicant.
It is your desire to go to Mass. It is your desire that went unfulfilled.

Hi “jmjconder” :wave: Yeah, missing weekday Mass makes me feel “funny” too. But with me, it’s not so much guilt, as a realization that I’m missing out on extra graces. :frowning: I need ALL I can get :o

God bless you.

I feel the exact same way!!! (Thank you for making me not feel like such a freak/obsessive person :D)

And of course the verse that always runs through my mind is “Could you not, then, watch one hour with me?” even though I know it doesn’t strictly apply. I just always feel like God is calling me to Mass and when I don’t feel like going it’s like I’m telling God, “Too bad, I’m sleeping in today. I’m too tired to come see you/receive you today.” I don’t feel the ‘guilt’ when I have other ‘legitimate’ reasons for missing, i.e. out of town, have to work early, etc. It’s those days when I’m really just tired and want to sleep in that it affects me. I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s thoughts on this, too. :slight_smile:


When I first started going to daily Mass, our parish had it on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. The time between Monday and Thursday seemed to stretch forever! Not so much guilt as longing.

Now I go to other parishes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when I can. Sometimes work or family committments prevent me from going. I don’t feel guilty, but I do feel a loss.

Is it possible to “sleep in” and go to a later Mass. Sometimes I’ll do that - some parishes have Mass mid-morning or at noon; some in the evenings.

Hi! wow. this really hits home!! I am a mom of 3 young girls and it is really very difficult for me to make it to daily mass. Just yesterday, though, my daughters were with my mom for the weekend and I was able to get up early and go for an hour of adoration, followed by morning mass, and then recitation of the rosary in front of our newly constructed grotto outside. It was one of the most beautiful mornings I have ever had! People look at me like I’m crazy when I talk of how much I would love to be able to go to mass every morning. And, God willing, when my youngest is off to school, I plan to do so. But I get some crazy responses. And it does make me wonder why, when I do have the rare occasion to attend daily or an evening mass…why it is all elderly people there? Where are the parents and young adults of today? Is it only the elderly who really understand how blessed and important and rewarding it is to be able to make it to receive our Lord every single day? It seems backwards to me- we daily mass lovers :slight_smile: should be the ones looking at others saying, “are you crazy for not going every day!!!” And many parishes around me have early early masses, I’m talking 630 am, so that seems plenty early for people to start their day off beautifully before their workday.
Wouldnt the world be such a nicer place if everyone centered and began their day by receiving the body and blood of Christ?
So thanks…for starting this thread…I knew there had to be others out there like me.:thumbsup:
see ya @ mass!

I wish going to a later Mass were an option. We are a very isolated town and the closest Mass from here is 45 minutes away. So our parish Mass is the only one around. This is one time it would be nice to live in a bigger city.

The earliest Mass available in my city is 7am. Even 6:30 doesn’t work, however for the many workers who work a 7-3:30 shift.
I don’t own a car. Being unemployed has made it possible to attend the daily noon Mass, except when during those intervals when temporary work is available. The bus I take leaves the depot at 6am which means I am already out of the house by 5:30.
My parish, which is within walking distance, offers the noon day Mass every day except Thursday. Confession is available before Mass and the rosary is recited along with the Angelus. Many workers downtown go to the Franciscan bookstore which offers Mass on Wednesday. It would be nice if there were a Thursday Mass downtown.
When my grandchildren were younger, I took them to daily Mass with me. It is a good way to get them used to behavioral expectations.
Although I only went to parochial school for part of first and second grade, it is the daily Mass that I remember. I had a box of cereal and milk afterward.

Hi jmjconder - I’m a daily Mass lover even thought my work keeps me from going to Mass one or two weekdays,

One horrendously busy week, there was a day that I kept feeling like something was “missing”. Yep, as I went over everything I did during the day, I realized that I hadn’t gone to Mass. I’d fotally orgotten - or at least my mi:ond forgot. But my soul and my heart knew. :smiley:

I know what you’re talking about! When I miss daily mass, my whole day feels less “grounded,” I feel less serene, and things tend to feel like they’re spinning out of control! I also feel a bit purposeless and lost. Like you said, it’s not exactly guilt, but weird feelings like that will fade in and out throughout the day. I have never ever regretted going to a daily mass!

I used to have a more flexible work schedule that allowed me to go every single day to the same parish. This fall I start a new job with more rigid hours and I’ll be lucky if I can squeeze in two a week. I’m dreading having to live without it for the long term! Of all the things one can do in the prayer life, I’ve found that nothing helps as much as daily mass.

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