Why do I have a cake by my screen name?


Just that, really. I’ve only just noticed…


Happy Birthday (or is it anniversary).



If you hover your cursor over the cake icon you will discover that it means that it is your anniversary of joining the Forums. Congratulations!


Good gracious. I’m on my phone so no hovering available, but thank you for the answer!


Happy second anniversary here on CAF. Have a slice of :cake: for your anniversary, but wait until your birthday to eat the whole :birthday:. :wink:

(those are the two ‘cakes’ you’ll see next to people’s names and when they appear)


Happy Anniversary!


…and now I want cake.

But real cake. Not virtual cake.


Happy Cakeday! :heart: :tada: :balloon: :sparkler:

It’s your forum anniversary date, so you’ll see a piece of cake next to your name for the day! :slightly_smiling_face:


@JoyToTheWhirled note also. You probably have now accumulated another BADGE for the Aniversary.

(I know, double whoppee ding ding)




Best I could under short notice.


Om nom nom nom nom

I am making apple Butter today. That will have to suffice.


Ooooohhh…I made the best applesauce cake with lemon glaze the other day, I’m still dreaming about it! :cake: :yum:


@JoyToTheWhirled Happy Joining Anniversary :exclamation:

(enough cake to share with all)



AND IT’S CHOCOLATE!!! :star_struck:


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