Why do I have no virtues or talents?


I feel I lack all virtues, humility, charity etc. I also have no talents; singing, playing an instrument, dancing, foreign languages etc.

Why can I not obtain the first group no matter how much I pay for them and try to put them into practise?

Why can I not learn any of the second group no matter how I try, it is like I cannot absorb anything?



Sometimes when we’re feeling down it’s hard to see our own talents.


Remain in the state of grace, and it is assured that you possess the supernatural virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity. Other virtues are acquired by forming good habits. Spiritual direction would greatly aid you. No one can seriously strive for Christian perfection without it.


You must have some humility to admit to these things.


Well, stop paying for them, you don’t buy virtues.
Just kidding, that’s probably a typo.

Just have faith that God does to you as He wills, for His Will. You probably have more abilities than you know. You can at least form coherent sentences and read.


I don’t know what your schedule looks like ,but you sound like you need to take a mental health day all by yourself to simply be…


I was blessed with many talents, but given one bad progressive health problem. Just be glad you have your health. You can always try stain glass making or something. It’s very hard to change your health.


I am a jack of all trades myself. A little bit good at a lot of different things. It is probably too late for me to settle down to one thing, but if you decide to focus on one thing, you will become good at it.

I was cery surprised to find out that even people who are super-good at math run into difficulties. Even tho they are good at math, it’s not all clear sailing.

As to virtue, they require practice. Which one are you the worst at? How can you practice getting better at it each day? For example, tonight I got stuck behind a slow driver when I was in a hurry. This was a chance for me to practice patience; unfortunately, I blew it :o But next time, I hope I will recognize it sooner :slight_smile:


You persevere, you try, and try again, despite the times you feel desperate, alone, doubting, unhappy, hurt.
You’re struggling so often, yet you keep hanging on.
You’re amazing


You have plenty of virtues and talents. God gives these things to EVERYONE. But not all equally, not all the same.

I think that’s coming from a bad spirit that tells you otherwise.


Saint Faustina said “Suffering is a great grace.”

I think it must be the most powerful vocation in the Church when taken up in the virtue of Faith.


Dear Neiko,
You do have gifts. You don’t have ones you’d like to have. You are humble enough, that you don’t see your gifts.
Pray, that God shows you your gifts. You may have a learning disability. Ask your parents to have you tested. Very few,have gifts with which, they are born.
Piano takes repeated practice. Drawing takes months to get proportioned. Have faith! That is a gift also.
In Christ’s love,


Dear Nelka, humility and humbleness is the basis of ALL virtue. In modern parlance that can be translated as “self-examination” or “introspection”. You seem to have these virtues in spades. So, you are on the right path!

Pride, on the other hand, was the original sin of Lucifer, and the basis of most (all?) sin. You do not have this.

If someone is prideful, I don’t care how talented they may be, it’s all built on a bad foundation.

You, Nelka, have a very solid foundation. Cheer up!


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