Why do I have to be resurrected?


So, of course, when we die without mortal sins, we go through purgatory, then heaven. I’m content with this. But why does our old physical bodies have to be in the picture? Why can’t we just only use our spiritual bodies? This might be kinda weird, but I’ve always wanted to become as a celestial body or an angel in heaven instead of a human-looking person in heaven. Is there a reason we have to be resurrected? Wouldn’t heaven be good enough with just our spirits?


The Aquinas Catechism:
Qualities of the Risen Bodies

There is a Fourfold (4) Condition of all those who shall take part in the Resurrection.
The Identity of the Bodies of the Risen. – It will be the same Body as it is now, both as regards its Flesh and its Bones. Some, indeed, have said that it will not be this same Body, which is Corrupted, that shall be Raised-up; but such View is Contrary-to the Apostle: “For this Corruptible must put on Incorruption”. And likewise the Sacred Scripture says that by the Power of God, this same Body shall Rise-to Life: “And I shall be Clothed again with my Skin; and in my Flesh I shall See my God”.

The Incorruptibility of the Risen Bodies. – The Bodies of the Risen shall be of a Different Quality from that of the Mortal Body, because they shall be Incorruptible, both of the Blessed, who shall be Ever-in Glory, and of the Damned, who shall be Ever-in Punishments: “For this Corruptible must put on Incorruption; and this Mortal must put on Immortality”. And since the Body will be Incorruptible and Immortal, there will no longer be the use of Food or of the Marriage Relations: “For in the Resurrection they shall neither Marry nor be Married, but shall be as the Angels of God in Heaven”. This is Directly-against the Jews and Mohammedans: “Nor shall he return any more into his house”.

The Integrity of the Risen Bodies. – Both the Good and the Wicked shall Rise-with all Soundness of Body which is Natural to Man. He will not be Blind or Deaf, or Bear any kind of Physical Defect: “The Dead shall Rise again Incorruptible”, this is to mean, Wholly Free from the Defects of the Present Life.

The Age of the Risen Bodies. – All will Rise in the Condition of Perfect Age, which is of Thirty-two (32) or Thirty-three (33) Years. This is because all who were not yet Arrived-at this Age, did not Possess this Perfect Age, and the Old had already Lost it. Hence, Youths and Children will be given what they Lack, and what the Aged once had, will be Restored-to them: “Until we all Attain the Unity of Faith and of the Knowledge of the Son of God, unto a Perfect Man, unto the Measure of the Age of the Fullness of Christ”.

Condition of the Blessed

It must be known that the Good will Enjoy a Special Glory, because the Blessed will have Glorified Bodies which will be Endowed-with Four (4) Gifts.
Brilliance. – “Then shall the Just Shine as the Sun in the Kingdom of their Father”.

Impassibility (i.e., Incapability of Receiving Action). – “It is Sown in Dishonor; it shall Rise in Glory”. “And God shall Wipe away all Tears from their Eyes; and Death shall be no more. Nor Mourning, nor Crying, nor Sorrow shall be anymore, for the Former Things are Passed Away”.

 Agility. -- "The Just shall Shine and shall Run to-and-fro like Sparks among the Reeds".

Subtility. -- "It is Sown a Natural Body; it shall Rise a Spiritual Body". This is in the Sense of not being Altogether a Spirit, but that the Body will be Wholly Subject to the Spirit.

Condition of the Damned

It must also be Known that the Condition-of the Damned will be the Exact Contrary-to that of the Blessed. Theirs is the State of Eternal Punishment, which has a Fourfold (4) Evil Condition. The Bodies of the Damned will not be Brilliant: “Their Countenances shall be as Faces Burnt”. Likewise they shall be Passible, because they shall never Deteriorate and, although Burning Eternally in Fire, they shall never be Consumed: “Their Worm shall not Die and their Fire shall not be Quenched”. They will be Weighed-down, and the Soul of the Damned will be as it were Chained-therein: “To Bind their Kings with Fetters, and their Nobles with Manacles of Iron”. Finally, they will be in a Certain-manner Fleshly both in Soul and Body: “The Beasts have Rotted in their Dung”.


God designed us to be human. It is his plan and his gift.

Don’t think of getting your old body and returning to earth as you know it.

Instead you will get a glorified body like Christ’s, and you will live in a garden of Eden type of earth where God dwells with us.

It will be Epic!


Because we are human beings.

We are not souls wrapped in meat.

We are not flesh that has been ensouled.

We are body and soul. The two are not intended to be separated and pained by death.



Because human is forever.

And the Earth itself will be renewed, and as human beings we will be upon it, and therefore need our solid feet to move around on it.

Anyhow, if human death were not undone via resurrection, the effects of sin would be eternal. But “all things will be made new.”

If nothing else, we need our solid bodies and human skin to hug our LORD and be hugged by HIM!




We are breathing souls; we are thinking bodies!



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