why do i need an annulment to accept communion?

I was born and raised catholic. Baptized, first holy communion, confirmat, etc…I was married in the catholic church and subsequently divorced. I married again…which turned out to be a huge mistake, and dovorced again, and actually have finally found the love of my life…and yes we did marry also. Been together over 9 years married for 2. But i struggle with the fact that IF I PAYfor an annulment, i can then again receive the sacraments. This seems preposterous to me. God loves all of us. I doesnt matter what race, religion, if we are gay or straight. He loves us all unconditionlly. So why is the catholc church shunning those of us who are proud to be catholic, would love to return to the church, but strughle with the fact we cannot receive the sacraments because we are divorced?. This is not gods law, it a man made law. (Catholic church law).

For starters, you do not “pay for an annulment.” The fees attached to the annulment process are used to pay for the Tribunal’s staff, office supplies, utilities, etc. On top of that, I have never heard of anyone anywhere turned down for an annulment due to an inability to afford the fees. Many annulments are done for little to no cost.

Marriage is the most fundamental building block of human society. Its importance cannot be overstated. Even in civil law, there are structures in place to encourage stable marriages and families. In civil law, individuals can’t just walk away from marriage and marry another person, there is a legal process that first has to be gone through (divorce).

The Church received from Jesus the truth that marriage is a life long commitment. The Church therefore must assume that a marriage is valid until proven otherwise. Otherwise the bond of marriage would have little to no meaning. If the Church didn’t presume valid marriages then the words of consent would be empty of meaning and devoid of force. Individuals would enter marriage without considering its seriousness and others might constantly live in doubt of the validity of their marriage.

To say that this is a man made law and not God’s law is not entirely accurate or very fair. The teaching that a sacramental marriage is indissoluble comes from Jesus Christ, the Church’s annulment system is a man made attempt to conform to the teaching of Jesus Christ. Clearly any system that depends upon the judgment of human persons is going to be imperfect. The annulment system is constantly being evaluated by the Church for ways to improve its efficiency and accuracy.

You say that God loves us unconditionally, and that is true. However does that truth really mean that we can do anything we want? Should people who are in a state of grave sin come forward to receive communion as if nothing is wrong? Individuals involved in irregular marriages may or may not be guilty of grave sin, however they are at the very least in a situation that is objectively/publicly out of wack with Church teaching.

God loves everyone, the Church loves everyone. Truth is never the enemy of love for without truth there can never truly be love. Love without truth is a mere illusion or wishful thinking, love without truth can never be real. The Church’s rules are an attempt to awaken our conscience and prod us to examine our lives and choices. For those who are convinced that their marriage was not truly valid, the Church has the annulment system so that they might be able to lay bare those facts. The system that you speak ill of is the very system through which individuals are able to put behind them an invalid marriage and live in full communion with the Church.

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