Why do Latin Rite Parishes adopt the term Roman Catholic as a title?


I have read an article that says the term Roman Catholic is incorrect and Latin Church, Latin Rite, Latin Catholic Church is correct. Well why do western rite Parishes use Roman Catholic instead of Latin? Wouldent this be invalid and incorrect since the Church herself does not use the term Roman Catholic for the Latin Rite or for the church as a whole? Is this posibally an abuse? I don’t see Roman Catholic used anywhere in the Catechism, so why do Churches continue the practice of identifying itself Roman Catholic? For example, The Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption, Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church, Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church etc. Why not use Latin Catholic instead since it belongs to the Latin Church?

Should I contact my archdiocese to let them know this is against the Church identification and against the catechism?


“Latin Rite” and “Roman Rite” --get used interchangibly

As in these documents:






The “Catholic Church” – best name for the entire Church.

Within the Catholic Church are various Churches – Roman Catholic, Melkite Catholic, Maronite Catholic etc

Parishes of such are “Catholic” and usually will note if they are Roman or Melkite etc.


The Catechism is the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Parishes though are of one Church/Rite within the Catholic Church.


Agreed, the Church is simply Catholic, there are 23 different Rites of the Church, I’m personally Roman Rite :wink:

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You also would not likely see Latin Rite because so many Catholics today have a nearly fatal reaction when any mention of Latin is used (even if the Latin language is never actually used in Mass) :D


Sometimes when we “learn” something new, we want to make sure everybody “understands” it, too, such as your desire to make use of a certain term for the Church. Sometimes we haven’t understood the full meaning.

Realizing what you are saying is “my archbishop and all the priests in his archdiocese are so unaware of the Church that I must correct them.”

You are wise to search for more understanding before contacting your archdiocese with the idea they are not following the catechism.


If they are flowing the athoratise of his holiness Pope Benedict XVI and hisSuccessor then they are catholic and have that title


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