Why do liberals act like they can't live without contraception and abortions?

It seems like they think having the pill and abortions is more important than having air to breathe or food to eat. I don’t know why they cling to this so much especially since the pill causes an increased risk for cancer in women.

What’s the point of breathing at eating if you don’t have freedom and autonomy when it comes to your own body?

And you’re worried about liberals and the pill? Have you noticed how nuts conservatives get when restrictions on smoking are put in place? And smoking causes all sorts of health problems, even in people who don’t smoke but are around it.

And the pill-cancer link is highly debated in the medical community.

Are you saying that you would commit suicide if you had to go for any amount of time without the pill or abortions?

I’m conservative, and I don’t smoke. I also wouldn’t care if they banned smoking. And I’ve met many liberals who are smokers. So your stereotype for conservatives just doesn’t stick.

Politics and greed are driving the “debate”. The pill industry would lose millions or billions of dollars a year if word got out that it causes cancer. The multi-billion dollar porn industry is also using their money to make sure that contraception and abortions are promoted since they need it to support their human sex trafficking business which is modern day slavery.

Because they are idiots.

If there was a realistic possibility of their access to air or food being cut off, I suspect they would object even more strongly than they do to the possibility of having abortion or contraception unavailable.

Women who value access to abortion or contraception aren’t just liberals. They value such access because it provides freedom in their lives which they wouldn’t otherwise have. Being able to choose when to have a child, and not live in fear of accidental pregnancy, reduces stress and provides opportunities in life.

Hahahaha. Good answer. Simple and to the point.

Liberals have a hard time with the concept of personal responsibility and this extends far past the above issues.:shrug:

Perhaps they feel that they and their MD are the best people to make their medical decisions and not the government. After all, isn’t that the argument against Obamacare? That we should be allowed to make our own decisions without the government telling us what to do?

Whether abortion and birth control are legal or not changes nothing about the Church position and what a committed follower of Jesus must do. Same with gay marriage-if it was made legal tomorrow I still could not run out and find a partner to marry. I’ve made a commitment to God and my Church that is bigger than anything else.

The question could be turned another way. Why do Christians act as if they MUST use birth control, have an abortion or marry a gay person because civil law allows it?

You are confusing freedom with license. But what I don’t get is how people are surprised or devastated when pregnancy happens from sex. It’s like thinking that getting wet shouldn’t be a part of swimming. Whether by “casual sex” or even rape, the baby should not get the death penalty for a crime she did not commit. A society that doesn’t see that babies are a miracle of life given to us from God is a society without love.


Now then, OP. The main trend that I see from liberalism is the freedom from personal responsibility. The liberal is content to be a cog in the machine that inputs X amount of work a day in exchange for Y amount of money to spend on A, B, and C. They are willing, as a generalization, to pay GIGANTIC amounts of taxes in order to not have to think about day-to-day survival. A liberal would be delighted to have a government agency controlling industry, economics, transportation, food production, law, health, education and communication, so long as they were free to write and say what they wished. A liberal is, again, generally speaking, a fan of big government regulation. And thus is, again, generally speaking, not a fan of personal responsibility which is required if we are to have control of ourselves in everyday life. This is in all forms of interaction, but most especially in sexual relationships. Where as the conservative would prefer to trust himself (or herself, DON’T HIT ME!) to control their reproduction by use of responsible sex, a liberal would rather have the government provide birth control or murder, and thus be able to experience “reproductive freedom”. They aren’t pro-choice. They’re pro freedom-from-choice.

Make sense?

Many of them have been indoctrinated at school, home, even at church, and certainly by big media. Also, many really don’t want more than one or two children, or any but they do want " relationships. " And of course you are absolutely right about the medical risks of the pill. But the big danger is that using the pill, etc encourages promiscurity and it has been shown that even a little promiscuity will expose one to all kinds of diseases.

And of course there is the moral ramifications. Eveyone knows these things are wrong and all who partake endanger their souls. This applies to unbelievers as well. To say God doesn’t exist will not make him go away. He put the natural law in the hearts of all, believers and unbelievers alike and he will hold us accountable - one and all, believer and unbeliever alike.


The Pill and abortion have become “sacraments” of women’s lib types . For them child-bearing was the curse that made them subordinate to men, that prevented women from doing the same work as men. And traditional marriage reduced them to mere home-makers.

“For behold, the days are coming when they will say, `Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bore, and the breasts that never gave suck!’”

  • Luke 23:29

First, this question is worded in such an inflammatory way as to produce more heat than light in this thread.

Second, I’m a liberal, but I certainly don’t act as though having the pill and abortions is more important than having air or food. In fact, I don’t know anyone of any political stripe that says that, though I understand your hyperbole.

Third, no one in political discourse talks about the real issue: sexual behavior. The left puts it in terms of “reproductive freedom.” The right is now come lately to the “religious freedom” argument. But fundamentally, the political issue is whether the government has the legitimate authority:
(a) to regulate how a woman may manage her fertility – meaning the likelihood of conception,
(b) to compel employers to pay for insurance policies that allow a woman to manage her fertility in all possible ways (e.g., abstinence, NFP, artificial contraception) without making demands on her sexual behavior, and
© to prevent a woman from terminating a pregnancy for any reason (which includes the use of abortion as an insurance policy against both failed management of fertility and rape).

(a) pertains to what the government used to do: outlawing artificial contraception;
(b) pertains to the DHHS mandate;
© pertains to abortion regulation.

On the issue of “the pill” and contraception, one notable research finding is that under the present cultural mores, education programs involving “comprehensive sex education” are effective at reducing the rate of STD infection and seem to reduce the onset of sexual behavior in teens. Abstinence-only policies are ineffective, largely because they attempt to use a school or government program to counteract cultural trends.

There is an unwillingness to talk about sexual behavior. Most people would like to feel that their frequency and timing of sexual activity is a matter of personal choice. Using artificial contraception enables that freedom.

IMO, this thread was rapidly tanking into mudslinging up till post #8, when it took a turn for the better, with more reasoned subsequent replies. :thumbsup: :clapping:

All I have to add :twocents: It’s really pathetic when pregnancy is a source of terror simply because it gets in the way of pleasure seeking and a need to control every aspect of life.

That does tend to be the case.

The answer is quite simple. All you have to do is look at European and
American society before “THE PILL”. Without contreception and abortion on demand, liberals would have to give up indiscriminate sexual intercours whenever they want it because women would be too afraid of getting pregnant.
In addition, considering who gets most abortions in the US, without abortion on demand, the caucasian population in the US would be in the minority within 25 years. The tacit fact that liberals don’t talk about and couldn’t abide if it happened.

It’s all about sex. For them, sexual license is the first freedom.

I think the question becomes legitimate though when you have people pushing for free contraception to absolutely everyone while not caring about making them pay for other important medications. Why contraception? Why is it so darned important that contraception be free? I get people freaking out at the idea of making contraception illegal, but I really don’t understand the push to make sure everyone has free access to it. :shrug:

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